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Workshops - Gateways to Brilliance


As Covid-19 Restrictions Allow

Receiving Your Wings of Light

Ask about scheduling a private group session. New dates coming for 2020.

Receiving Your Wings of Light Workshop is an invitation from the Universe to be in service to all living beings on Planet Earth. Our calling, beckoning, knowing, quickening is to shower more Divine Love, Healing Light, Grace, Peace, Compassion and Joy to those we encounter both physically and intuitively. $54.00

Third Eye (Pineal Gland) Activation

Ask about scheduling a private group session. New dates coming for 2020.

Orchestrated with Sacred Sound and Light

Your Commitment to Spiritual Expansion Counterbalances Chaos and Fear. At this workshop, you will experience an activation ceremony that includes a guided meditation and visualization with Sacred Sound and Light. This experience stimulates, activates, and awakens the pineal gland/third eye for spiritual expansion and deepens your connection to oneness. The Pineal Gland is often called the Seat of the Soul. It is a small rice-sized, pine cone-shaped endocrine gland that sits in the middle of the brain at the same level as the eyes, it's also referred to as the third eye in the chakra energy system. The Pineal Gland responds to brainwave entertainment methods such as sound, toning, chanting, voice, music and all forms of love.