Receiving Your Wings of Light

Receiving Your Wings of Light is an invitation from the Universe to be in service to all living beings on Planet Earth.

Words describing experience: Grateful | Supportive | Healing | Joyful | Enriching | Delightful

“Thank you so much for sharing your incredible energy with me, Mary, Su-Yoon and Cathie! It was a beautiful experience – I look forward to participating in other workshops soon.” – Kind Regards, Sally

“My wings opened up right away. they were like butterflies, white, big wings, the wings were touching other wings, like a wing kiss.” – Martha

“I am coming out. I want the world to know I have wings! I have 2 sets, white and pearl like colors. The second set is transparent, like the opalescence, like dragonfly wings.” – Maureen

“My wings were like delicacy, an intricate crochet.  The under belly was so soft. I had a Silver Blue Breast Plate. Delicate and Powerful at the same time.” – Patricia

“My wings were HEAVY, then I gave them permission to let go and then they became WEIGHTLESS.” – Rebecca

“When we were using the Angel Wands to open the Wings up, I felt a pushing up, felt pressure, heavy. Then they emerged, and they were in the front of my body, Purple on top with Blue and Green. Then on the back they were Green on top, Blue and Purple on the bottom. Beautiful.” – Briana

“Kim was very excited about her experience and wanted to share with Laura owner of the Metamorphosis Center and Carolyn. She went to the bathroom after the workshop ended. She came out and found a feather lying in the center of the floor. She was stunned by the site of the feather. This was the confirmation she had been looking for….the past year had been one health crisis after another. Finding the feather was her sign that all is well and the energy has shifted. She was grateful and filled with bliss.”” – Kim

“I kept fighting my logical mind, I am a bookkeeper and I was struggling to be logical. Once I released and let go, I saw lots of light. I felt warmth and my whole body tingled.” – Sally

Reasons attendees give for coming to the workshop

  • I came to be fed spiritually
  • I am here to grow
  • I am here to nurture myself, self-care, self-love
  • My cup is empty, I am here to fill up my cup

What is an Angel?

An Angel is a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.

Spiritual Growth

As you grow and develop spiritually, you manifest and radiate angel qualities. When this happens, you grow angel wings. These do not appear physically, of course, though you may feel pain, tension, tingling, or a sensation behind your shoulders when the energy is starting to gather. The wings appear in your etheric body, which is the invisible spiritual counter­part to your physical body, where your history and development are recorded. Everyone’s wings are different. They will have a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and qualities. Some people have tiny, fast-beating wings. Others have huge, feathery ones. Some are gossamer-soft, others strong and powerful. They can be pointed, rounded or any shape. Your wings may be transparent, pink, white, gold or any other color. It is wonderful to know what your wings are like and to feel or sense them. And your wings change, develop and become bigger and stronger all the time. Some people seem to have double wings or two sets as they expand their consciousness.

Workshop Calendar

Receiving Your Wings of Light Workshop –
Limited to 8 participants

  • October 20, 2018 – SOLD OUT!
  • September 15, 2018 – SOLD OUT!
  • July 21, 2018 – SOLD OUT!
  • June 23, 2018 – SOLD OUT!
  • April 21, 2018 – SOLD OUT!

Workshop participants share their experiences

Written by Cathie

I loved your voice Carolyn. The Chant was so beautiful. I shared with the group before we started that this morning I woke up with pressure between my shoulder blades, I have never had pressure or pain in that area before. Carolyn told me that my wings were ready to open! During the activation ceremony, I gave myself permission to go deep into this experience and really open to the possibilities. As the wings unfolded, I saw only one wing open on the left side (the feminine side) it was 1 modern wing. Then I had a vision of an OWL and the wings that OWLS have, shallow, long, strong and they enveloped me like a blanket. The wings were so supportive and loving.

Carolyn sent images of OWL Wings after the workshop and they were breathtaking. I am digging into OWL as a totem and its wisdom for my life right now.

Owls have specialized feathers with fringes of varying softness that help muffle sound when they fly. Their broad wings and light bodies also make them nearly silent fliers; which helps them stalk prey more easily.

Written by Anne

Carolyn lead the experience Receiving Your Wings of Light workshop lovingly.  She has the ability to guide participants into a very deep and meaningful transformative session.

My experience was LIGHT, there was light everywhere. As Carolyn was calling in the light, she connected to the infinity of the circulation of the light. During the Activation Ceremony, my Wings ruffled open and 10,000 eyes, peacock feathers, blue and green emerged. The eyes were all knowing. They were transparent. The wings were as BIG as the Universe when they were flapping. All images came in color. Every time I flapped the wings, they changed colors.  I saw Feathers inside of Feathers. Never Ending Feathers. I am Forever in Gratitude. This was a deeply rich experience.

Written by Cheryl
Attending the Wings of Light workshop was a sincere gift for my soul that moved me to my core. Carolyn is a master at orchestrating a moving experience with every little detail consciously and purposely placed intentionally for a morning of pure delight. I loved the crystal singing bowls meditation that took me on a journey to soar high above with my newly found light wings. Walking the large labyrinth after the workshop to test out my wings was a reminder to, “Walk the path with like hearted souls that will fly with me and remember to be in this world, but not of it.” I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone that is ready to treat themselves to Carolyn’s tender loving presence, love of light and sacred space to awaken your Wings of Light.  Namaste.

Cheryl's Wings

Written by Nancy

I’ve loved working with the Angels for years. It was lovely to be at your Receiving Your Wings Of Light workshop and truly acknowledge our wings of light together. I loved the opportunity to walk the labyrinths before and after the workshop. Your format was clear and left time for both discussion and the wonderful experience of receiving our wings and a deeper recognition of what’s always been there. I’ve always been a helper, and to have it acknowledged in such a sacred manor was wonderful. The workshop was a nice balance of both playfulness and reverence with the Angels. Your space is beautiful and peaceful with sprinkles of magic everywhere. Getting to take our photos with our angel wings was pure sweetness.


Written by Mary

I was distracted for a while by a pinched nerve in my neck. It was a sharp pain. I kept telling myself to relax and breathe and listen to the singing bowls and your voice. Then I realized I was floating in and out of awareness and my neck pain went away. I kept seeing colors like the Aurora Borealis but different, it was delightful, very freeing. My wings weren’t like traditional wings, they were like Gossamer, fluid and flowing.

Carolyn sent images of Gossamer wings after the workshop and they were translucent dragonfly wings.

This confirmation was exquisite since I do workshops on Dragonflies.

Written by Janelle

The content for “When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide” blog post all started as I was driving to a sound healing event to activate my etheric Angel Wings with an intimate group of women in sacred ritual.

Naturally, I was imagining what my Angel Wings would look like on my way there. (Read Complete Article)

Written by Jan

“This was an amazing experience! Great connections, great energy and great people!!!!”

Written by Ellen

“I had the pleasure of attending Carolyn’s Wings of Light Workshop and she made me feel so comfortable and cared for during the whole experience.  One of my favorite parts was absorbing her amazing crystal singing bowl vibrations – uplifting my soul!  I also enjoyed walking her labyrinth before and after the workshop.  I left feeling light and ready to spread my wings!”

About Carolyn

I am a clear channel for Divine Love, Healing Light, Grace, Peace and Compassion.

My purpose is to create transformational ceremonies that awaken higher levels of consciousness. I work with Light and invite Sacred Sound to be the vibrational guidance system that transports individuals through gateways to their own brilliance. Sacred Sound washes away energy debris (conscious and subconscious, limiting beliefs, memories, fears, concerns, thoughts, resistance, and experiences) that hold individuals back from living their divine potential. Once the energy debris is lifted, it is replaced and restored with Light. The reward is Light. The more Light we hold and radiate, the more we attract ways to share our gifts, strengths and talents with the world.

I am also passionate about cultivating conscious environments, both inner and outer, through my work as a certified Feng Shui, Sacred Sound & Light consultant. My Sound Healing, Spiritual Blessings and Feng Shui consultations are interactive, powerful, meaningful and transformational. Working with these ancient energy tools can guide us to align with our sacred purpose and divine potential. We become more fully engaged in life and radiate appreciation, beauty, clarity, grace, inner peace, love and joy.