Written by Janelle Sjodin- Spiritual Development Mentor- Color Therapy Consultant

The content for “When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide” all started as I was driving to a sound healing event to activate my etheric Angel Wings with an intimate group of women in sacred ritual.

Naturally, I was imagining what my Angel Wings would look like on my way there. I saw them as large white, fluffy, Angelic wings, with sparkles and so much LIGHT. They were very divine, pure and uplifting! I felt proud and happy thinking of this as I pulled into the driveway and parked my car.

Inside was an intimate group of 10 women, 10 women that were on the same page, 10 women that I felt instantly supported by and connected with, 10 women that gathered for a sacred ritual to receive and activate our Angel wings…..

I was in my happy place.

There is something so intrinsical about a group of women that come together for a sacred ritual. This kind of energy is undeniable. The room was filled with wisdom, unconditional love and the occasional dog tail wag from Hope the Labradoodle. <3

Everything about this day was feeding my love for play…

After a fabulous time mingling, we united in a sister blessing circle that then proceeded into the sound healing.

We all laid on the living room floor individually wrapped up in large fuzzy blankets. This was so fun, kind of like a mini adult sleepover!  We laughed at this, I mean when was the last time you were laying on the living room floor, wrapped up in blankets with 10 other women?

Carolyn Vinup, who was hosting the event lead us through a beautiful sound ceremony with her array of crystal bowls and a guided meditation to activate our angel wings. <3

I instantly went into a deep state of relaxation….

I felt my back warming up….

and then gradually, came the images…

I saw what was my angel wings starting to unfold in my mind’s eye. I pleasantly observed as I expected to see my white fluffy wings start to peak out with all their glory…

BUT that was not the case at all!

They were not WHITE…

They were BLACK….

I thought, BLACK? Really?

I was in denial!

I wanted pretty sparkly WHITE angel wings.

I tried to change them, but it didn’t work. I realized I was putting conditions on my “angel wings”, I was being critical and non-acceptant. My mind was trying to change the scenario to what it wanted it to be.

Thankfully, I know when my mind is attempting to take over and force things. Once I noticed this I immediately surrendered because I trust my Soul…

The more I let go and allowed myself to experience what this felt like, the more I began to LOVE these large deep enveloping BLACK wings.

The energy was familiar, soothing, DEEP, and mysterious….

It wasn’t a Dark scary energy, it was a powerful nonobtrusive, Loving, entrancing, seductive kind of energy.

So I let them fully open and the next image appeared..

I saw an image of a Raven.

My eyes changed to amber and then I heard the phrase, “You have the eyes of a Raven, you can see both worlds”

Again, this was not alarming or frightening, it felt like home, like I was inviting a piece of myself back into my life. Carolyn asked us to work this energy down through our bodies with our hands, and when my hands hit my womb area, I stopped.

I felt a powerful DEEP energy…

“You are the Dark Mother”, it told me…

I thought WOW…… The Dark Mother, yes, yes I am…

At this moment I knew exactly what was happening. I was no longer denying my shadow, my power, and the need to fit in with the norms. It is time to integrate all of me. The Light AND the Dark…

The Dark Mother is an archetype that most women deny. We all want and are brainwashed to be the Light Mother, the woman with the PERFECT life, manners, looks and WHITE ANGEL WINGS.

But the truth is we can’t be fully empowered in our capacity for light if we have not fully acknowledged our capacity for the dark.

In short “We can’t have the light mother without the dark mother. We contain both. “

They go hand in hand, so often we are shamed by our dark side. We don’t allow ourselves to express anger, sadness, jealousy, sexuality and BLACK angel wings. Our negative emotions are natural and part of our power. They are integral to the human experience. If we deny them, we cut ourselves off from our innate wholeness.

As we allow our Dark Mother to be acknowledged and expressed by bringing her into the light of our awareness, we free ourselves to become authentic and to show up powerfully in our lives and in the world.

This is all in perfect timing as I have been moving in this direction and I have an adoration for the Dark Goddess like Kali, Isis, Lilith etc and as I was writing this 3 ravens flew by my window.

After this experience, I feel more whole, at peace and powerful in my Truth.

I am all that I am…

Dark and Light with Raven eyes to see in both Worlds…

If you would like to experience Receiving Your Wings of Light workshop with Carolyn Vinup or have a personal one-on-one Sound Healing (The Blessing is one of her signature sacred ceremonies and I loved it!) or a Feng Shui Blessing, you can connect with Carolyn at www.GatewaysToBrilliance.com  or call  612-325-5162.