Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the art of creating environments that support our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Feng Shui expresses the power of energy that is present in solid objects as well as the energy of one’s own thoughts, words, and deeds. The words “Feng Shui” literally mean wind and water, the two elements we cannot live without. Some consider Feng Shui to be New Age, but this ancient art dates back 4000 years. It has stood the test of time and brought forth consistent and powerful change for many people who follow its teachings.

The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to create sacred space.  Feng Shui is a process that helps people understand how their physical environment shapes their inner landscape, their inner self. This physical environment can be anywhere; your home, your office, or your garden. It is simply wherever a person spends their time. One Feng Shui principle states, “Your space reflects your life.” Therefore, the next time you want to “check in,” look closely at all that surrounds you.  Putting your physical environment “in order” will, in turn, benefit your inner self.

The Feng Shui journey is as individual and unique as each of us and everyone’s experience will be different.  Immediate results are often experienced while other changes may require more time and energy.  The process is truly an unfolding of self-discovery.  Each journey is expressed in its own perfect time within one’s own unique wisdom and understanding. 

How does Feng Shui work?
Feng Shui is based on ch’i (pronounced chee) or life force energy. Ch’i is in constant movement. It pulsates through all living things giving them life and vitality.  The flow of ch’i throughout one’s environment and physical body impacts every area of one’s life. It can influence your health, relationships, decision-making abilities, opportunities and outlook in life. 

It is not uncommon for one to feel the energy of a specific space. Haven’t we all felt anxious in some environments while we feel safe and secure in others?  This is the ch’i of a specific space. Children and animals are particularly sensitive to this type of energy.

When evaluating a space, Feng Shui applies the following 5 principles:

  1. Everything is energy and everything is connected
  2. A person’s space is a reflection of their life
  3. Space should be organized as it is in nature
  4. Clutter causes confusion and chaos 
  5. Stating your desires allows your intentions to come forth

Once there is an understanding of these basic principals, you are ready to start! First, evaluate your current environment.  Using the first principal, “Everything is energy and everything is connected”, doesn’t it make sense that clutter in your home could impact your success at the office? 

Once the initial assessment has been made, you are free to state your true desires.  Stating an intention such as clearing your clutter, rids you of material possessions and thoughts that were taking up space, it allows dreams and new opportunities to find you.  Feng Shui helps people clear their minds and create the space they need so they can make decisions about what they want in their life.  By consciously placing and positioning personal items and furniture in your space, you create more balance and harmony in your life. When you are actively involved in the decision making process this can reflect and support your intentions.  

Once the journey starts to unfold, you can begin to identify old patterns and then become aware of how they have been impacting you. It is at this point in the journey that you begin to experience “aha’s”. It’s amazing when this starts to happen. You look back at the patterns that have limited you and now they seem so obvious!  It is in that recognition that choices continue to be made and changes continue to unfold.  You begin to ask yourself questions, “Is this choice in alignment with my intention”?  Does this support what I am trying to accomplish, or create, in my life? The answer is either Yes or No.  It’s that simple!

Why then does the term Feng Shui elicit fear or disbelief in some?  I know that Feng Shui is not magic; it’s not hocus-pocus or witchcraft.  It is simply recognition of your own truth and expressing that truth or energy within yourself and the environment in which you live.  By beginning the Feng Shui journey, you are truly opening yourself to your own consciousness and greater connectedness in all of life.  So when you make conscious choices you allow yourself to open to your own heart and to the heartbeat of the world.

I invite you to experience your own heart in a way that you never thought possible.  All that is required is an open mind, an open heart, recognition of Spirit and a desire to consciously begin living your own life, your own truth and self-expression.  You won’t be disappointed!

Carolyn Vinup is the president of Creating Sacred Space, a consulting firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she is a certified Feng Shui and sacred space consultant, space clearing facilitator, sound healer, teacher, speaker and healer.

Carolyn Vinup and Boyd Sibley produced a meditative music CD titled “In the Name of Hope-Sacred Space”. The music takes you a journey for opening and clearing the chakras. The CD is priced at $18.00 and includes shipping and handling.Carolyn can be contacted by phone at 952-934-1853 or by e-mail at carolyn@carolynvinup.com