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Carolyn Vinup Wedding Officiant

Day of Wedding Coordinator

Sweet Beginnings Package Overview

Selecting a Day of Coordinator who resonates with you is crucial for a stress-free wedding day. The “Sweet Beginnings” package is designed to lay a solid foundation for your celebration, ensuring every detail you’ve meticulously planned is executed flawlessly. With professional oversight, this package guarantees that your special day will unfold seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy every moment with ease and grace.

Here’s what the “Sweet Beginnings” package offers:

Free Preliminary 30-Minute Call: An initial conversation to ensure we’re the perfect fit for your day.

Event Details Submission: You’ll provide all event details and the timeline in a spreadsheet or document one week prior to the wedding.

Detail Review & Clarification: I’ll dedicate 2 hours to review your details, asking questions for clarity where needed.

Final Review Call: A 60-minute phone call two days before the wedding to go over final details.

Limited Contact: Minimal email and phone communication leading up to the wedding.

Day-Of Event Management: 6 hours of on-site coordination on your wedding day.

Total Service Hours: 9 hours at an hourly rate of $119, totaling $1071.

Eternal Harmony Package Overview

Building upon the “Sweet Beginnings” foundation, the “Eternal Harmony” package is for couples seeking additional support and personalized attention. This tier enhances your wedding preparation experience, offering peace of mind and ensuring that your plans come together in perfect harmony.

Enjoy worry-free celebrations with the following expanded services:

Free Preliminary 30-Minute Call: A conversation to confirm we’re the right fit for each other.

Event Details Submission & Review: Just like in “Sweet Beginnings,” with the addition of more detailed planning and coordination.

Additional Planning Support: Two extra calls or Zoom meetings are included to help with planning.

Unlimited Communication: Open lines for phone calls, text messages, and emails to keep us connected.

Vendor Coordination: I’ll reach out to all vendors to ensure details are aligned and provide them with my contact information.

Comprehensive Timeline Review: A detailed review session two days before the wedding, covering the timeline for the day before, the day of, and post-wedding tasks.

Day-Of Event Management: On-site coordination extended to 9 hours on your wedding day.

Wedding Rehearsal Management: I can also manage the wedding rehearsal on-site.

Total Service Hours: This package includes 15 hours of service at $119 per hour, totaling $1785.

Additional Hours: Both packages offer additional hours at $119 per hour for day-of coordination or further support with vendors. A post-wedding one vendor drop-off service is available for $250, assuming the items fit easily in my car.

Wedding Officiant

Carolyn Vinup, with over three decades of experience in crafting sacred ceremonies and spiritual experiences, brings her passion for the high vibration of love to her role as a Wedding Officiant. She believes in the transformative power of love and infuses every wedding ceremony with this essence, ensuring it uniquely reflects the couple’s profound connection. Through her ceremonies, the love, joy, happiness, and spirit of new beginnings are not just celebrated but are also shared with all attendees, enhancing the special day with an unforgettable atmosphere.

Carolyn’s holistic approach to officiating weddings sets her apart. She skillfully combines her expertise as a keen listener, meticulous organizer, and experienced event producer with her extensive background in spiritual practices and mindfulness training. Her repertoire includes Feng Shui, Blessing Ceremonies, Sound Healing, and Space Clearing, all of which contribute to creating a deeply meaningful and personalized ceremony experience.

Ordained by the Universal Life Church, Carolyn brings a wealth of knowledge, spiritual depth, and heartfelt dedication to each wedding she officiates, promising a ceremony that not only honors the couple’s love but also resonates with a profound sense of sacredness and joy.


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Carolyn Vinup Wedding Officiant

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