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Check out this inspiring interview with Carolyn Vinup as Trip the Light Tour Launches in October of 2022!

We are so blessed to have Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance join us at the August 28th Light Up Event!

Carolyn is a gifted healer and Universal Lightworker whose work is best described as transcendent. She will be sharing her guided meditation: Containers of Light and amplifying the experience by sharing her crystal singing bowls. If you have been in need of an energetic tune up- this will be it!

Magnetizing Waves of Abundance CollageX 2021

An abundant life is equal parts intuition, gratitude and knowing. It is leading with love, passion and compassion. Abundance may bring financial wealth, but it’s also joy, support, community, confidence and so much more. One who has found their purpose and true connection can be free-flowing aliveness. That state where things magically fall into place, seem more clear, and things are more vibrant. This video is a clip from Sound Healer, Carolyn Vinup’s talk called Magnetizing Waves of Abundance given at Metemorphasis Connections CollageX conference 2021.

Crystal Singing Bowls become a vacuum cleaner, then a Dyson and then a shop vac!

Kelly Wagner, owner The Edge Magazine, interview #1 with Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance.

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I had no idea that I would experience internal happiness after experiencing The Blessing. Thank you!