Sacred Sound Healing Chamber

Sacred Sound Experiences performed by Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance
Sacred Sound Chamber

Welcome to the Sacred Sound Chamber

I am so excited you are here! 

My beautiful Sacred Sound Chamber will delight your senses. The healing qualities of the Crystal Singing Bowls will take you on a journey that is deeply relaxing. Sound is a powerful vibrational tool that supports healing and transformation. Many people feel lighter, brighter and more radiant and gain insights that enrich their lives after their experience in the Sacred Sound Chamber. 

Making Self-care a Higher Priority

I don’t often make the time for my own self-care, feeling that almost everything else on my to do list has a higher priority. Sound familiar to anyone? That is one reason I wanted to share a recent and profound experience I had with Carolyn Vinup in her Sacred Sound Chamber… 

Laura Strong

Owner, The Metamorphosis Center, Minneapolis

Soul Immersion; deep, spiritual,
and life altering

The Sacred Sound Ceremony with Carolyn Vinup is an experience like no other. Carolyn is a heart-felt master guide and a clear channel for healing energy, and universal love and wisdom from Source. She is empowered to share that gift to support and guide others on their life’s journey.

The Sound Chamber, where the energy ceremony takes place, is a magnificent space that is at once deeply calming and relaxing, while holding… (READ MORE)

Risë Severson Kasmirski

Author, Coach, RightPath Careers

Sound Journey adornments are unique to each Sound Journey. Carolyn uses Lovitude Scarves created by Anne Pryor, energy rings, crystals, natural stones, feathers and more to enhance the energy of clients unique sessions in this beautiful sacred space.

Prior to your session, Carolyn will setup the Sacred Sound Chamber uniquely for you. She will be guided to set the healing tables with an energy grid adorned with beautiful scarves, crystals, sacred stones, feathers, flowers, and other special items. The beauty and artful display will nourish your senses. Settle in under the warm blankets and enjoy the journey.

Carolyn features Lovitude scarves by Anne Pryor of Lovitude as part of a customized adornments her clients experience in the Sacred Sound Chamber.

All energy has frequency

All energy has frequency. What do you want your words and intentions to do? Dr. Emoto provided this in The Miracle of water experiments. Now sound frequency is being studied on curing cancer.

My friend, Carolyn Vinup,
is a sound healer.

I was changed after experiencing her deep sound therapy ceremony. Carolyn’s blessing ceremonies are amazing and transformative. Gift yourself or someone you love one of her blessings.

Anne Pryor, MA

Speaker, Lovitude® Soul Painter, Personal Meaning™ Coach, Lovitude

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Healing?

Everything is energy. Everything is connected. Everything makes a sound. We are all unique vibratory beings.

Sound healing uses vibrations to help you reach a meditative state of relaxation. These
vibrational sound tools such as music, voice, chanting, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan
bowls, ting sha’s, tuning forks, drums, harps, didgeridoos, and others, may change your
brainwaves from an active Beta state to a more relaxed meditative brainwave state of Alpha or
Theta. Your brainwaves entrain or synchronize to the healing sounds being played for you.
These vibrational sound tools invite deep states of relaxation, inner peace, calm, healing,
rejuvenation and may create opportunities for expanded states of awareness or as some say
they experienced a journey.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Lowers stress, decreases mood swings, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels,
teaches pain management, and lowers the risk for coronary artery disease and stroke and
improves sleep.

Additional Benefits of Sound Healing

Reduces energy blockages, gain clarity and focus, inspires self-discovery and curiosity, creativity can blossom, activates courage and confidence, relationships can improve, intuitive skills expand, invites you to tap into your own internal guidance system, connection to humanity deepens, your love for self and others expands, you become happier and more joyful.

What Happens At A Sound Healing Appointment?

Prior to the Appointment

  • Once you schedule your appointment, Carolyn will send you details for your upcoming appointment like day of the week, date and time, address, and parking instructions.
  • You will be invited to wear comfortable clothing and not to wear any jewelry.
  • You will stay fully clothed when you are lying on the Sound Table (Massage Table).

Appointment Day

  • You will be invited to the Sacred Sound Chamber.
  • It is in the lower level of Carolyn’s home where you will be asked to walk down a flight of stairs.
  • There is a private bathroom for you to use prior to your appointment.

Sacred Sound Chamber

  • Once inside the Sacred Sound Chamber you will be offered a glass of water or a cup of tea.
  • There will be a Consent For Treatment form to sign and a brief check-in conversation.
  • Then you will be introduced to the Vibrational Sound Healing Tools that may be used for the appointment.
  • Then you will be invited to lay on the Sound Table (Massage Table) where you will be covered in soft blankets and your head can be placed on soft or firm pillows.
  • Once you are comfortable, there is a beginning breathing exercise.
  • A guided meditation follows next.
  • Then the Vibrational Sound Tools will play for you and shower you in healing tones.
  • Silence is encouraged after the appointment comes to an end so you can enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the space.
What to expect after a Sound Healing Session?

You will be invited to:

  • Drink water to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Spend time outdoors: take a walk, hug a tree, lay on the grass, watch the clouds float by, garden, read a book.
  • Take a nap if your body is tired or deeply relaxed.
  • Listen to music.
  • Meditate.
  • Stay present, quiet, contemplative, and reflective.
  • Have a cup of tea with a friend and share your experience with them.
  • Pay attention to any insights, thoughts, aha moments.
  • Appreciate your investment in you and your self-care.
  • Look at the world with a new sense of renewal and a grateful heart.
  • Feel lighter, brighter, and more radiant.

Unwinding the knots in my energy fields

During the process of dealing with my sister’s move to hospice and her imminent passing, I had to acknowledge that the stress and concerns were affecting me both emotionally and physically. Although, I was attempting to take care of myself and to assure I got enough sleep, I knew I needed to address my symptoms on an energetic level. I booked a Sacred Sound Session with Carolyn Vinup… (READ MORE)

Carole J. Hyder

Internationally Recognized Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Author, and Trainer