Written by Carolyn Vinup, Edge Magazine

  1. Start with a morning prayer or intention, set up a positive trigger that reminds you to say it over and over again throughout the day, end your day with the same prayer or intention.
  2. Get your Feng Shui in order: home, office, car, land, garage, storage, computer, finances.
  3. Select a sound, CD, tone, mantra and play it 24/7 in your house. It helps maintain a balanced frequency
  4. Pay attention to universal signals and nudges and act on them.
  5. Passwords: Make sure the passwords are in alignment with your dreams and desires, when you type the words you are feeling them, thinking them and connecting to them.
  6. Understand the role that gratitude, joy and play impact your daily experience.
  7. Develop a relationship with universal energy, trust your intuition and act on them.
  8. Be clear about what you want, then ask and you shall receive.
  9. Wake Up. Do your own work and get out of your own way.
  10. What are you waiting for?Take a stand, make it happen!
  11. Recognize you are always connected and co-creating.
  12. Dare to be You.
  13. Illuminate Your Brilliance.
  14. Share your talents with others and the world.
  15. Know that you can be happy, healthy and fulfilled.
  16. Become a Collabomaut (see interview).
  17. Play!
  18. Dance in the Magic of the Universe!
  19. Jonathan Goldman formulas are powerful! Frequency+ Intention= Healing• Vocalization+ Visualization = Manifestation 20. This life is your playground, so have some fun!