by Barbara DeMers

I transcended from a state of stress into a deep exhale the moment I stepped out of my car onto this magical property. Carolyn greeted me with a welcoming smile and inviting presence. There is so much to offer here, and time seems to stand still in this little piece of Heaven.

 I felt heard and understood. As an Energy Healer myself, it is a challenge to reverse roles from giving to receiving, yet Carolyn guided me into a relaxed stillness, and I was able to embody her healing gift of sound. My takeaway was a sense of deep knowing and clarity.


About the Author

Barbara DeMers
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Barbara DeMers is an Energy healer with over 22 years of advanced coursework and professional practice. She integrates her education, experience, and intuition into a personalized Energy Healing session. Barbara guides you to your inner wisdom to promote clarity, awareness, and peace of mind. This connection supports physical healing, personal empowerment, and spiritual rejuvenation. 

The goal of each Energy Healing session is a renewed sense of direction and control in your life.  Barbara recognizes that the answers, along with the questions, reside within the stillness of our being, the process of discovery has taught her to always remain curious.