Written by Carolyn Vinup for Essential Wellness Magazine – January 2018

Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light 

I HAVE ALWAYS been a spiritual individual. Early in my adult life I was educated as a Feng Shui consultant, which made sense since I am also an event producer. This knowledge allowed me to cultivate conscious environments for my clients. Over the years, I studied numerous modalities, adding more wisdom to my energy tool kit. About 17 years ago, I studied the philosophies and teachings of Jonathan and Andi Goldman. When I was hired for a Feng Shui consultation, I would “invite” my sacred sound bowls to come along. It became very apparent something magical was happening as soon as I played the crystal singing bowls at my client’s homes. It was during this time, my passion for creating Spiritual Blessing Ceremonies accelerated. My spiritual journey has provided me with the insight that sacred sound is my vehicle to connect spirit and oneness with the universe and divinity. Today, my work is focused on transformational ceremonies that awaken your higher consciousness and expand inner light. This allowed the birth of Gateways to Brilliance.

What are Gateways?

Gateways allow us to move from one state of consciousness to the next. They allow us to make a choice: Are we moving toward, away or into something? I work with light and invite sacred sound to be the vibrational guidance system that transports us through gateways to higher consciousness.

What do I mean by Brilliance?

Brilliance is about expressing your most light-filled self and sharing that with the world. It’s a courageous act. When we accept our brilliance, we awaken our sacred purpose and divine potential. We become radiators of love, grace, peace, joy and beauty. As a master of energy, light and sound healing, I have spent 20 years creating holy spaces, both inside and out. My transformational ceremonies help you ignite the light within, awaken your inner and outer consciousness, and connect with your divine potential. As a result, clients become more radiant and confident, attract joy, happiness and love. They experience profound self-discovery, stress reduction, improved mindfulness, reduction in energy blocks, expanded spiritual enlightenment and blessings.

A Message from Carolyn

How do you know you are ready to experience a spiritual blessing?  

“All you have to do is bring your willingness and an open heart. 

Sacred Sound and Light will handle the rest.”

A Personal Experience with Gateways 
Written by Bethany

If you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful and spiritual experience that renews your energy and opens your heart to the magical possibilities of life, try Carolyn Vinup’s Sacred Sound Ceremony, The Blessing. Carolyn is the ultimate professional with a lovely ability to make you feel comfortable and special from the moment you enter the door of her delightful home. For those new to sound ceremonies, Carolyn walks you step-by-step through the blessing ceremony, describing the actions, sounds and intentions of each part of the process – all over a cup of warm tea. She shines while she talks about The Blessing, sharing stories that are touching and powerful, and it shows just how deeply she cares about you and the sound healing experience. By the time you lay down on her cozy massage table, complete with blankets and pillows, your blood pressure has dropped, and you feel innately relaxed. 

Whether you know Carolyn personally, have been referred to her by a friend, have experience with sound healing, or reached out to her for a specific purpose, Carolyn will take the time to understand what your desired outcome is and shape the experience based on your individual needs. Her customization shows her true passion, to gift you with a sacred experience that helps you open your heart, mind and body. Her one request is that you be open to receiving the gift of this sacred experience. 

The ceremony itself is a beautiful cascade of tones from the opening chants to the ringing of the crystal singing bowls. You feel the love, energy and light surrounding your body and for me, a feeling of complete relaxation and peace. I left The Blessing feeling calm, happy and glad that I took the time to do something for myself. Many of us, especially women, don’t often take the time for self-love and care, and this time to yourself, different than a massage or workout, allows you to quiet your mind and open up your energy channels in a way that is heart-touching. 

Spiritual Blessing Ceremonies Available

  1. Carolyn’s Signature Ceremony is The Blessing

All new clients start with “The Blessing ceremony. For subsequent appointments other Spiritual Ceremonies or Sound Healing experiences can be chosen.

What is a Blessing?

It is a sacred act, a sacred experience, a holy experience. Where you feel deeply connected to your Oneness with Divinity

  1. Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires Ceremony
    Expand awareness, honor your divine potential, and anchor your sacred and holy purpose. During the sacred conversation, the focus will be on Releasing the Inner Critic, Allowing Forgiveness, Establishing an Executive Order and Anchoring Affirmative Statements. During the ceremony, the activation for manifesting will focus on the following gateways: higher consciousness, opening the channels for insight, wisdom, guidance
    and vision.
  1. Calling in the Light of Forgiveness Ceremony

All spiritual practices include forgiveness. Not forgiving can hold you back from being fully engaged in life. Forgiveness is a process that may be revisited again at different times in your life, as your own awareness of ‘self’ deepens. Engage in Personal Reflection, Meditation and Identify a song, poem or prayer that will help set you free.

  1. Gateways to Brilliance Ceremony

Awaken the Gateways to Higher Consciousness through light, sound, love and oneness that swirls gently all around you. A clearing and blessing for each chakra.

  1. I AM Light Ceremony

Acceleration of your inner light through a reunion, reconnection and restoration ceremony. It is deeply relaxing, nourishing, aligning and loving. An Ancient Chant will infuse Spiritual Light into your life.

Inspirational Stories 

 “The Blessing with Carolyn Vinup was deeply relaxing. As the sound and vibration of her voice, chant, and crystal singing bowls flowed through my body, I felt a sense of releasing and lightness. As the session progressed, I could see light coming in waves tuning and harmonizing me on every level. Several times I had images of geometric shapes and felt a spiraling, tingling sensation. At one point, she guided each hand inside one of her crystal bowls and the palms of my hands felt a warm flow in and out. I thought about the blessings coming in and going out in many areas of my life. After our session, I felt cleared and recalibrated. It was such a gift! I highly recommend this spiritual blessing session with Carolyn. –Michele Rae, Center Within

Hello World! Imagine what would happen if you could marry the tranquility of a day at the spa with the high-impact personal coaching session. Magic. That’s what you get when you experience Carolyn Vinup’s Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires Ceremony. Seriously. Female business owners need to come and see you. This is break-through work. This is stepping-into-brilliance work. This is time-to-play-big work. I keep singing “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE.” I have been ignited. Catherine Breet-Arbez, Inc., Change Your Stripes Do What You Love For A Living 

Carolyn, I don’t think I’ve ever gone so deep into healing mode.  Afterward, I felt so balanced and energized but relaxed at the same time. It was profound, not only healing but revealing.  My blessings FELT received through my left hand and I could see the joy and gratitude in my heart.  The great ‘I am’ in my thankful heart was fully revealed to me through color and light. WOW, awesome.  This was the most sacred ceremony I have ever experienced because I was the object and focus of the blessing.  I could feel the light pour in through every cell of by body as the angelic sounds surrounded me. Ann Cathcart, Holistic Nurse 

Sacred Blessing Sound Bath-Pure Amazingness. Imagine a time of pure energy flowing through you in complete peace…Cindy Locher, Change Works Hypnosis Center  

I was excited the entire drive to Carolyn’s Blessing Ceremony. I knew that something wonderful, marvelous, something new was about to happen. Carolyn’s energy and enthusiasm was contagious, she wanted only what the Creator wants for me–and she had offered herself up to be a vehicle for that process. The actual ceremony was one of beauty and grace, where sound become love and love, sound. There was a holiness in the Sacred Sound Studio and a sacredness to the ritual. I could feel myself relaxing into the arms of the Most Holy and being washed gently of my fears and resistance–all that stood in the way of accepting the Creator’s blessings. As Carolyn pointed out, we have all left blessings on the table. Why not ask for them? Why not receive them? Since that session I have felt different, in that I feel more like myself. I sense Grace all the way around. And I’m ready to rock and roll on the joyous ride of life. Whoever you are, whatever your background, age, or religious background, there are blessings for you to gather, like flowers to your heart. Cyndi Dale, Life System Services, Author of 25 Books

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