by Catherine Byers Breet

To all those who need rest, relaxation, recharge, and renewal but have never done anything like this before, I have to tell you: this is an experience you will never forget.

As a hard-charging business owner, I thought it sounded lovely…but not for me. I could not have been more wrong. At one of the lowest points in my life, this experience was a gift I did not know was possible.  

A proud wife, mom, business owner and community leader, when I added “caregiver for my parents” to the list, I was unafraid. I was confident I could take impeccable care of them. And I was handling it all “just fine.” Until I wasn’t. My dad died a very hard and painful death. After 7 years of planning his end of life with him, in the moments that mattered most I was unable to deliver. After a lifetime of being the one who “gets sh*&” done,” I could not convince the healthcare staff to give him the care and pain relief he so desperately needed and deserved.

A few weeks after my dad had passed away, I finally crumbled. I could not shake the bone-chilling guilt that despite all my planning and excellent communication skills, I was unable to get my father the care and pain relief he needed.

Carolyn suggested it was time for me to try one of her sound healing experiences. It was the greatest gift I have ever had in my life. It was beautiful. 

Her session brought me a peace I have only found hanging 60’ under the sea while SCUBA diving. Her session released me from all the weight and worry and guilt. I was finally able to forgive myself.

I had no idea this would be my experience. Open your mind, open your heart. Give this a try.  Love, peace, and healing are coming your way.


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