Written by Kimberly

I was immersed in a sea of Divinity, with the elemental kingdom surrounding, Angels of light, receiving the voice of God through sound frequency. Refreshed, clear, and activated for engagement in, the vision of my work in establishing the new world order (Oneness) was rained down upon me. I was cleansed of the old projections; the need to serve time, create project plans, direct resources, document results, measure capital gain. This was an entirely new world I was released into. One of great presence, set forth by intention, amused by synchronicity, delighted by alignment, realized by allowing and gifted with True Prosperity. A wellspring of clarity was set in motion, a set of energetic tools was issued, and I was indeed freed from my prior state of de-soul-ation. 

Additional Message-

Carolyn, I think sharing our inspiring stories is a gift of understanding and confirmation for you, of the many ways the Blessing can play out for people when they are in the meditative state of receptivity of the sound frequency you so beautifully bathe them in.