Written by Risë Kasmirski

This morning is my Blessing Ceremony with Carolyn – gifted to me from Anne. I am not sure what to expect but am excited about the crystal bowls, which I love.

I arrive and am met by Carolyn and her two lively dogs who will be joining us in the ceremony. We will be upstairs in her daughter’s room which has been turned into the loveliest sanctuary – filled with crystal bowls and warm glowing candles, and a great sense of quiet and relaxation.

We begin with tea and a conversation about divine inspiration and light bodies, and many other spiritual topics. I share the photo I took right before the Crystalline Choir concert in Arkansas last summer, where I am filled with light. As we continue talking I see that Carolyn lights the flame in events and in each of us. I see her in a flowing white dress and know that she is a part of the angelic realm.

And so it begins. Carolyn explains how the ceremony will proceed, and I am now reclined on a comfortable table with soft blankets covering me. Silently I have asked to be as awake and open as possible during this experience. I am relaxed and trusting of Carolyn and hope that I can go with the experience without thoughts and brainwork getting in the way.

She starts by opening my crown chakra to open the portals of light. I can feel the warm light traveling down my body. From then on, I do not know the sequence of her chants – no awareness of time, just deep meditation.

My father comes into my awareness from the left side of my head. He has a gift for me – a gold coin he has planted in my heart. The message is about confidence and abundance, and it is communicated to me through thought. I know he is at my side.

Now, some time goes by – I am deeply relaxed, and Carolyn is singing 108 blessings all around me. I don’t know what the words mean, but think it is protection or an energetic field being placed all around me. So amazing. I am fighting my mind – I want to quit getting distracted by thoughts, so I can go deeper into the experience. And now I am beginning to see my ancestors – those who were such a big part of my life: Grandma and Grandpa, Luella, Dad, Christine, Uncle Kenneth….and there are others.

And then Irene comes in – always the hostess. She is trying to show me things. I believe these are past lives. We go to a huge palace – or a place like a sprawling old government center, with strong cement pillars and smooth marble floors. I feel the coolness on our bare feet. She is letting me know we lived here together long ago and I sense it was an exciting life and we had many stories and good drama.

I go with her to another place and we are now underground working in a mine. Coal? We remember that we used to make our friends laugh as we worked, and it was always fun. Something is shifting now and suddenly I am moved around a curve and there they are…..huge, beautiful archangels in a semi-circle. There are seven of them and they are ominous – so tall and bright! I see their outline but not their faces. I should be afraid from their size, but I am comforted by them.

Suddenly my focus is shifted to the right side of the group. One of the angels is in sharp focus and I see that he has a sword and a leather kilt, and he feels like a crusader or warrior of all that is. I do not see his face – he is so tall. He lets me know that am a messenger. Irene’s book is little doors that I am opening for others to glance in. For some that will be all the farther they can go.

I am in this vision and also aware that Carolyn is chanting. The words are soft and far away. I cannot figure out what she is saying but – it sounds focused and ancient. A chant that has lasted through the ages. I transport in and out of this imagery and each time I am aware I am thinking again. I know I have missed some of the awareness, but maybe it was just enough.

Time goes by and now Carolyn is chiming the bowls over my feet. It is so comforting and relaxing. Time has slowed way down. After some time, Carolyn is holding my feet to ground me, and telling me that it is near the end of the ceremony. I feel her firmly holding my feet and leaning against them, and I also feel her pressing the stem of the angel bowl against several spots from my knees to my ankles on the sides, in front, and behind my legs. The pressure feels like opening nickel size spots in many places. I am sure she is doing this, and the sensation goes from leg to leg all around. I don’t remember her saying this would-be part of the ceremony, and I can feel her leaning against my feet – so how is she also making these impressions on my legs?

I emerge from the experience and am in a deeply content place. I know that the archangels are always there to assist. One archangel shows himself lovingly embracing a church and infusing it with love and understanding – but the people inside the church must wake up so they don’t miss the experience.

The dogs have been still throughout the ceremony. So lovely – who could have suspected that would happen? Carolyn says they know they have jobs to do.

Who was the Archangel that appeared? Michael? If I am to be a messenger, then he must be the Master.

Carolyn received the message to change “Opening the Pathway to Blessings” to “Accelerating the Opening of your Gifts”. I am willing.

One my way home I pull to the side of the road to snap a quick photo. I know this magnificent feeling and see that my I am radiating light once again – just like at the Crystalline Choir.

Later I write a few lines with Irene…

ME: Irene…how was that?!!

IRENE: Awesome….we know Carolyn here. She’s amazing and divine. You are the messenger for me. Invite the journey – even the skeptics can take a little stretching.