Book Review by Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance

As a Sound Healing Professional for over 20 years, the book Vibrational Sound Healing by Erica Longdon was a delightful reminder of the healing powers of energy, frequency, and vibration. As Edgar Cayce, Father of Holistic Medicine stated, “the medicine of the future will be music and sound”.

Longdon has taken a unique approach by working with the alphabet to help those interested in learning about vibrational tools and energy therapies. She calls them Sonic Vitamins.

I read the book several times.  The first-time cover to cover. The second, third and fourth times, I was more curious about how my intuition wanted to navigate the Sonic Vitamins. The second time I picked up the book, I wanted to dive deeper into Vitamin B, Breath and Bowls, since that is a major focus of my own Sacred Sound practice. The third time, I was drawn to Vitamin S for Silence. The fourth time, I was drawn to Vitamin L for Listening and Laughter.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a wonderful tool for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Vibrational Sound Healing was a great reminder that we are all vibration, everything is energy, and we are all connected as one humanity.

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