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Highly engaging, interactive, meaningful, and experiential experiences.

September 17 | October 22 | November 19 | December 10

The Container of Light Series


Bill Torvund (Sanctuary of the On) and Carolyn Vinup (Gateways to Brilliance) are inviting like-minded individuals who are ready to deepen their spiritual development and expand their consciousness to participate in highly attuned class experiences.

Event Dates:
[Sept. 17, 2022] Build Your Immune System through Harmonics: Transmute Covid, and Viruses by using your own Bionic Energy 

[Oct. 22, 2022] The Seven Levels of Presence

[Nov. 19, 2022] Consciousness Principles of the 5 Elements

[Dec. 10, 2022] Uplift Your Soul Light with Joy and Play

$40.00 per class or 4-class series $150.00 per person

The Expansion of Consciousness Fall 2022 Spiritual Training classes are part of the Container of Light Series being offered by Bill Torvund and Carolyn Vinup. Each spiritual training class will feature a TOPIC with group experiences to enrich the learning. The classes will be highly engaging, interactive, mind blowing, transformational, consciousness raising and a lot of fun! There is no prerequisite to participate in these dynamic class offerings.

Workshop Highlights: 

  • Explore the TOPIC featured
  • Bill’s wisdom teachings
  • Pranayama Chakara Guided Meditation
  • OM Chakara Light Guided Meditation
  • Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Various experiences may include Mantras, Mudras, Koans, Mandalas, Art, Sacred Geometry, Music, Shakti Activations, Attunements, Cosmic Breath, Mindfulness, OM-ing Practice, Container of Light Exercises, Demonstrations, Personal and Group Emanations, and more.
  • Group Sharing of Experiences
  • Silence and Integration

Event Timing:

10:00am-12:30pm, doors open at 9:30am


Cornelia Place Apartments 4025 W. 65th Street COMMUNITY ROOM-First Floor Edina, MN 55435 

Parking: There is some parking near the front doors of the Apartment building. Once those spots fill, you can park at Lake Cornelia Parking Lot Across Valley View and walk to the building. Do not park at the Twin Cities Orthopedics parking ramp.

What to bring: beverage, a journal, pen, and wear layers…. it’s hard to know what to expect at this time of the year.

Event Fee: 2 Options: Individual Spiritual Training class pricing or Spiritual Training Series pricing:

  • Spiritual Training Individual Class pricing, $40.00 per person per class
  • Spiritual Training Series pricing $150.00 paid in one payment before or at the class scheduled on September 17, 2022.

Payment Options: Checks or Cash are accepted. Pay at the door. If you want to mail the payment ahead of time, email Carolyn for mailing address. Checks made out to Sanctuary of On in the Memo section: Fall 2022 COL Series.

For More Information or to Register: 

Carolyn Vinup: Carolyn@CarolynVinup.com, 612-325-5162 

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Carolyn, you share an exquisite expertise in integrating intelligence, spirit, and action to transform an experience into life transcendence.  We are in gratitude for your leadership in planning  our large academic kick-off event  “The Gift of Time” with intention,  grace, and respect of all the team.  Your authenticity invites inclusivity and risk-taking. Your attention to all details created a seamless mind-body-soul filled experience of timelessness for us as a community. What a validation of your gift to  foster learning:  brain –emotion – behavior into life and community transformation.  You  distilled  complexity into our essence of communitude™.

I am - We are In gratitude, Connie

Connie White Delaney PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, FNAP Professor & Dean , University of Minnesota School of Nursing

The day of our annual kick-off event is always memorable, as we enjoy each other’s company and set the tone for the start of the semester! This year’s perspective on the gift of time enabled reflection on how we spend our time and how we each value our time. During the discussions led by Carolyn, our group reflected on the lifespan of our organization, with some in the early stages of planning their career to those planning the transition to retirement. The gift of time took on different meanings to all of us as we thought about the unique talents that we all bring to the table. The sharing of perspective led to an appreciation for each person’s contributions and commitment to our mission and an opportunity to dialogue on working together as a team. Carolyn’s holistic approach to the kick-off provided an excellent opportunity for us to re-energize and reconnect before the chaotic semester commenced!