I recently had shoulder surgery and wanted to have a sound healing session to accelerate the healing process, but I was unable to drive to Carolyn’s sacred sound studio. 

Carolyn arrived at my home with her sacred sound tools: “Angel Bowl”, turning forks and ting shas, plus her beautiful voice.

Here’s my story – I experienced a profound healing that permeated not only my body; but also my mind and spirit. While my initial concern was healing after surgery, Carolyn blessed and cleansed my home in the process, too. Carolyn utilizes a wondrous blend of sound blessing, using a crystal singing bowl, Feng Shui, intuition, and QiGong.  I traveled far in my healing, while never leaving the comforts of my living room. Carolyn is the epitome of ‘traveling healer, utilizing various modalities for her clients benefit, bringing and shedding light wherever she goes. 

With Love,