Sound Bath, Sound Healing and Feng Shui Workshops

All workshops are highly interactive, engaging, meaningful and experiential.
Manifesting Abundance
Zen Holidays Workshop
Activating Your Inner Healer
Activate Your Inner Healer

Sound Bath and Sound Healing Topics

Introduction to Sacred Sound Healing (2 part series)

Crystal Singing Bowls: Personal Healing and Consciousness Expansion

Sacred Sound Healing Series: Chakra, Mantras, Chants and Toning (2 part series)

Sound Alchemy: Unlocking the Power of Sound Healing & Group Sound Baths in Partnership with Green Lotus, Yoga and Healing Center (4 part series)

Upcoming 4-Part Series: Thursday’s, October 3, 10, 17 and 24 Registration is now open!

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Feng Shui Topics

Getting Started with Feng Shui

The Bagua and Your Home Floor Plan

Your Space Reflects Your Life – Clutter is a Big Deal!

Activating Wealth and Prosperity

Receiving Your Wings of Light

NatureScaping A Mindfulness Outdoor Experience

 Feng Shui for your Pre-Teen and Teenager

Living a Feng Shui Lifestyle

Preparing Your Home for a Zen Holiday

 A New Year’s Feng Shui Tradition:
Participate in a Live Red Egg Ritual Demonstration

Empaths, Emerging Light Workers, and Spiritual Healer Topics

Energetic Boundaries for Empaths, Emerging Light Workers, and Healers

Activate Your Inner Healer – Level 1

Activate Your Inner Healer – Level 2

Activate Your Inner Healer – 100 Day Challenge

*100 Day Challenge Guide/Journal provided to direct and document your experience.

Pineal Gland Third Eye Activation

Green Lotus Sound Classes


Ten stars! She is a great teacher that shares her knowledge and inspired each one of us in class. Grateful to have had a Sound Bath she created. It is a MUST opportunity to take a class from her!”

Dr. Mary Del Vecchio



Mindfulness Facilitator

I attended Carolyn’s NatureScaping outdoor experience with a small group. It was a beautiful, fun afternoon of connection and reflection. Carolyn offers a wealth of guidance along with the energy tools and spaces … truly a spiritual playground that supported my curiosity, fed my energy, and was amplified
by sharing it with friends…more.

Tami Cooper