by Risë Severson Kasmirski

The Sacred Sound Ceremony with Carolyn Vinup is an experience like no other. Carolyn is a heart-felt master guide and a clear channel for healing energy, and universal love and wisdom from Source. She is empowered to share that gift to support and guide others on their life’s journey.

The Sound Chamber, where the energy ceremony takes place, is a magnificent space that is at once deeply calming and relaxing, while holding a palpable energy that creates a vortex for accessing the spirit world. Upon entering the room, my senses were on high alert as I absorbed the energy of the music and light, crystals and singing bowls, textures, and art. I found myself quickly releasing the tensions of daily life to center into the moment.

After a brief introduction to the space and the process, I surrendered into a state of total relaxation. Eyes closed, I followed the sound of Carolyn’s voice as she led me on a journey to the higher realms, and deep within. I lost track of time and place while experiencing visions, insights, and a deep sense of love and connection with the all- encompassing spirit world. It was a profound experience.

After our session, we shared observations of what we had both experienced. Carolyn described the insights that came to her during the ceremony to deepen my understanding of what had occurred. Then she listened carefully as I shared my reactions physically and emotionally to what I had experienced. Later, she sent a recap of our journey. As I read through her notes, I felt like I was reliving the beautiful sounds and images that surrounded me.

I highly recommend this Sound Healing and Spiritual Blessings Ceremony with Carolyn, which I can best describe as a Soul Immersion; deep, spiritual, and life altering.

Lovely, joyful, and warm, with a twinkle in her eye, and a heart of gold, Carolyn is a gift to this world.


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Risë Severson Kasmirski

Author of When Paradise Speaks, A remarkable, true story of friendship, after death communication, and art that heals.

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