Written by Carolyn Vinup

Are you tired of the constant negativity in the world that seems ever present? Are you finding it hard to move forward on your spiritual journey? As a Feng Shui and Sacred Sound healer, I frequently work with clients who are searching for new ways to experience inner peace. Through simple and consistent techniques that stem from my practice in transformational ceremonies and blessings, you can easily and quickly achieve an awakening of higher consciousness, ignite the light within, and connect with your divine potential.

Here are techniques you can start today that will begin to awaken your abundant heart.

Start Your Day with “AH”

“AH” is the sound of the Heart.

  1. Before you get out of bed
  2. Take a deep breath in and exhale out
  3. Put a smile on your face
  4. Set an intention for your day
  5. Take another deep breath in
  6. As you exhale, open your mouth and begin to make the sound “AH-AHHHHHHH”
  7. Repeat 8 more times.

Heart Centered Feng Shui Adjustments

Simple adjustments to support the awakening of your abundant heart.

  1. The center is the heart of your home
  2. In Feng Shui the center is called the Health section
  3. Make it a place of honor
  4. Remove clutter
  5. Include green plants
  6. Invite fresh air to circulate
  7. Activate with yellow
  8. State intentions with gratitude
  9. Bless your home.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit my website at https://gatewaystobrilliance.com/feng-shui-consulting/

Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Abundant Heart

The Blessing – a sacred sound ceremony is my signature ceremony. It is an invitation to practice the art of receiving. It is about self-care and self-love, feeling relaxed, nourished, have your energy fields cleared and washed, and drink in the vibrations of healing sounds. An ancient chant will awaken your abundant heart, deepen your connection to your creator, expand your fields of blessings, and allow your heart to radiate more love. As your energy fields open, you will receive more light, you will feel more love. Most people feel lighter, brighter, and more radiant after a sacred sound ceremony.  It is a holy and sacred experience, it connects you to the oneness of your divinity, where you are one with creation. It is a heart-centered and compassionate meditative experience. 


About Carolyn Vinup

I am the founder of Gateways to Brilliance. My passion is cultivating conscious environments, both inner and outer, through my work as a certified Feng Shui Consultant, Sacred Sound & Light Healer. People from all over the United States travel to experience my transformational ceremonies and ignite the light within.