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Virtual Offerings

A Sacred Conversation and Intuitive Card Reading

$45.00 for 30 minutes (call to schedule 612-325-5162)

A Sacred Conversation, Intuitive Card Reading and Receive a Chant or Mantra that Expands Your Higher Consciousness
$54.00, 30 minutes

Reduce Your Stress and Feel Renewed with a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Meditation. $63.00 for 45 minutes

Attunement for Unity Consciousness Unity Consciousnesses is the full expression of wholeness, blessings and pure love. As humans we live in many states of consciousness: conscious, subconscious, superconsciousness and supraconsciousness. This attunement invites you to transcend the various levels of consciousness where you are touched by frequencies of radiance, bliss, peace, grace, and inner truth. You will be surrounded by streams of light where you feel deeply loved. Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing and Light Code Activations merge for a rich and uplifting experience. You will feel lighter, brighter, and have a deeper sense of connection to Oneness.
$99.00 for 60 minutes

First Time Clients

Special Introductory Offer for first time clients!

Celebrating 20 years of Sacred Sound Healing Sessions with the Twin Cities.

Sound Healing has been around for thousands of years as a tool for healing. Try a session, you will walk away from this positive experience feeling loved and connected to something far bigger than yourself.

"Sound healing is gaining traction, sound sessions are the gift for expanding consciousness without mind altering drugs. You can experience a deeper connection to the universal truths such as divine love, kindness, compassion and joy." - Dr. Rory

Introductory Session: $99.00 plus tax

Transformative Ceremonies

The Blessing, a Sacred Sound Ceremony

The Blessing is an invitation to practice the art of receiving. It is about self-care and self-love, feeling relaxed, nourished, have your energy fields cleared and washed, and drink in the vibrations of healing sounds. It is a heart centered and compassionate meditative experience.

$175.00 plus tax per session

I AM Light Ceremony

Acceleration of your inner light through a reunion, reconnection and restoration ceremony. It is deeply relaxing, nourishing, aligning and loving. An Ancient Chant will infuse Spiritual Light into your life.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Gateways to Brilliance Ceremony

Awaken the Gateways to Higher Consciousness through light, sound, love and oneness that swirls gently all around you. A clearing and blessing for each chakra.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Holy Holy Holy Attunement

This is the most sacred ceremony I offer. There will be instructions sent to you the day prior to the ceremony. You are invited to wear white, gold or purple to the appointment. Holy chants, readings and energy activations will awaken your inner light.

$450.00 plus tax per session


Ringing in the New Year or Anchoring Birthday Intentions

This sound healing session is filled with deep discussions, a releasing ritual with fire and a guided discussion that anchors clarity for your future.   This is also a great ceremony for celebrating your birthday, aligning intentions and anchoring them with the manifesting power of sacred sound.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Calling in the Light of Forgiveness Ceremony

All spiritual practices include forgiveness. Not forgiving can hold us back from being fully engaged in life. Forgiveness is a process that may be revisited again at different times in our lives, as our own awareness of ‘self’ deepens.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Activation for the Vagus Nerve for Health, Healing and Wellbeing

The purpose of this ceremony is to activate and wake up the Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve and the most important nerve in your body. This nerve is getting a lot of attention right now and some are suggesting it may play an important role in your overall health and wellbeing.

$350.00 plus tax per session  (2 session minimum)

Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires

Expand awareness, honor your divine potential, and anchor your sacred and holy purpose. The activation for manifesting will focus on the following gateways: higher consciousness, opening the channels for insight, wisdom, guidance and vision.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Light of Healing Light Ceremony

This ceremony begins with a visualization and breathing exercise calling in healing light. A toning technique will be shared to awaken the Mind, Higher Heart and Heart. A chant will activate deep love, compassion and healing.

$175.00 plus tax per session

Gift Certificates

What better way to say you care than to give someone a Blessing? This great experience makes a wonderful, uniquely special gift for all the special people in your life.  We recommend the gift certificate be used for "The Blessing" for all first-time clients. Return clients are welcome to select the ceremonies that best suit their personal needs.

Gift Certificates are $175.00 plus tax.


Receiving Your Wings of Light

Ask about scheduling a private group session. New dates coming for 2020.

Receiving Your Wings of Light Workshop is an invitation from the Universe to be in service to all living beings on Planet Earth. Our calling, beckoning, knowing, quickening is to shower more Divine Love, Healing Light, Grace, Peace, Compassion and Joy to those we encounter both physically and intuitively. $54.00

Third Eye (Pineal Gland) Activation

Ask about scheduling a private group session. New dates coming for 2020.

Orchestrated with Sacred Sound and Light

Your Commitment to Spiritual Expansion Counterbalances Chaos and Fear. At this workshop, you will experience an activation ceremony that includes a guided meditation and visualization with Sacred Sound and Light. This experience stimulates, activates, and awakens the pineal gland/third eye for spiritual expansion and deepens your connection to oneness. The Pineal Gland is often called the Seat of the Soul. It is a small rice-sized, pine cone-shaped endocrine gland that sits in the middle of the brain at the same level as the eyes, it's also referred to as the third eye in the chakra energy system. The Pineal Gland responds to brainwave entertainment methods such as sound, toning, chanting, voice, music and all forms of love.

Feng Shui Appointments

  • Feng Shui for Your Office, Business or Land
  • Feng Shui Home or Office Clearing and Blessing Ceremony
  • New Home Blessing
  • Preparing to Move-Clearing and Calling in New Owners
  • New Office, Business, Wellness Center or Studio Blessing
  • Death of a Loved One-Clearing and Blessing the Home and Family Members

Call 612-325-5162 for pricing


Sound Healing to Go

Home Appointments
  • Sound Healing Tune-ups for you or your home
  • Recovery support before and after surgery
  • Recovering from an injury
Hospital Appointments
  • Hospital one-on-one healing sessions
  • Clearing the energy
Hospice Ceremonies 
  • End of life healing
  • Creating a sacred environment
  • Celebration of Life services
  • Burial ceremonies

Call 612-325-5162 for pricing

Other Products

Sacred Space
Music Download

This channeled music is a message of peace, hope and love. It is our wish that you will find fulfillment and joy in the sacredness of your life's journey.  

Sample Audio = 4 minutes | Complete audio 40 minutes featuring Boyd R. Sibley and Carolyn Vinup. Available as an mp3 download.

MP3 Download $4.44 plus tax.