Written by Terry

I have known Carolyn for 8 years and can speak of her skills, professionalism, intuitive guidance, dedication to preparing and holding sacred space and facilitates an incredible healing experience. The reason I worked with Carolyn was to help me endure the unexpected passing of my husband, and find peace and courage to continue living. I had several sessions with Carolyn, each session seemed to build on the previous, filling me with hope and I felt my husband’s presence, it was not scary, but extremely peaceful and confirmed he was ok. Today, I continue to feel his guidance and support, which I contribute to Carolyn. Thanks to Carolyn’s encouragement and coaching and sound healing therapy, I have found the strength and confidence to create a new life for myself. I would like to recommend Carolyn Vinup to anyone searching for assistance with grief, trauma, loss, or transition to experience Sound Therapy Practices with Carolyn. Carolyn uses Sound Healing Instruments, Crystal Singing Bowls, Vocalizes, Chants which creates a meditative state of healing. Carolyn, I can’t thank you enough for your presence in my life and your beautiful gifts of sound healing, encouragement and coaching. You are Awesome!!!