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Spiritual Blessings

A powerful, deeply relaxing experience that uses the harmonies and resonance of multiple Crystal singing bowls to clear and wash the energy fields in and around you, so you can feel lighter and freer.  An ancient chant will awaken your abundant heart, deepen your connection to your creator, expand your fields of blessings, and allow your heart to radiate more love. Time Commitment 2 -2.5 hours

  • The Blessing, a Sacred Sound Ceremony
  • Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires
  • Activation for the Vagus Nerve for Health, Healing and Well being * (2 sessions minimum)
  • Calling in the Light of Forgiveness Ceremony
  • Gateways to Brilliance Ceremony
  • Holy Holy Holy Attunement
  • Light of Healing Light Ceremony
  • I AM Light Ceremony
  • Ringing in the New Year or Anchoring Birthday Intentions
  • Sound Healing on the Go for Home, Hospital or Hospice


This experience makes a great gift for friends and family. To purchase a gift certificate, (click here) or contact Carolyn at 612-325-5162 or email her at

Feng Shui Blessings

The goal of Feng Shui is to create sacred space, to create places of honor and environments filled with Light.  Feng Shui is a process that helps people understand how their physical environment shapes their inner landscape. Putting your physical environment “in order” will, in turn, benefit your inner self. This physical environment can be anywhere; your home, your office, or your garden. It is simply wherever a person spends their time. One Feng Shui principle states, “Your space reflects your life.” Therefore, the next time you want to “check in,” look closely at all that surrounds you.  Putting your physical environment “in order” will, in turn, benefit your inner self.

Contact Carolyn for pricing. All appointments are customized. 612-325-5162,
  • Feng Shui for Your Office, Business or Land
  • Feng Shui Home or Office Clearing and Blessing Ceremony
  • New Home Blessing
  • Preparing to Move-Clearing and Calling in New Owners
  • New Office, Business, Wellness Center or Studio Blessing
  • Death of a Loved One-Clearing and Blessing the Home and Family Members


Other Products

  • In The Name of Hope Sacred Space MP3 Download $4.44 + tax
  • The Blessing Gift Certificate (delivered via mail or electronically) $175.00 + tax
  • Blessing Box $20.00 + tax, includes shipping