Written by Cindy Locher, Change Works Hypnosis Center

Imagine a time of pure energy flowing through you in complete peace…

A feeling of being special, just because you’re you.  An exercise in moving into a receiving state that feels so graceful and fluid, that you find yourself there before you even realize it. 

For many of us (maybe it’s a Minnesota thing?) the act of receiving is a challenge.  It’s true, we often feel some stress around the act of simply receiving — a compliment, a gift, praise, that last brownie, whatever — without thinking all the way through the act, “how do I repay this? Or better, how do I give MORE than I’m receiving?”

The Sacred Blessing provided by Carolyn Vinup is a sensory delight, an elegant experience, and an amazing experience in receiving.

The Sound Studio

The experience starts with Carolyn explaining how the service happens, each step of the way, and introducing you to her magnificent crystal bowls, in her beautiful sacred sound studio. Then, as you lie comfortably on the massage table, you are in for a sensory treat of resonant chanting and amazing tones from the singing bowls.

As the Blessing continues, you can just feel layers of resistance melting away until you finally surrender to receive, as the frequencies of the bowls wash away the negative frequencies of your (past) resistance.

I’m not even sure how long the actual Blessing took, I was so in the moment. I do know that when it was over I didn’t want it to end!

The tones of the bowls are like liquid silk in the air, and I’m not just waxing poetic here! When it was all over, and I was still enjoying the after effects, my first thought was, “if I could bottle this experience and this feeling so I could drink it any time I wanted, I would SO do that!”

For the practical minded, “did it do me any good?” Absolutely. I felt lighter, freer, more creative and could tangibly feel the effect for a couple of days. I honestly believe any time you have an experience that moves you like that, that there are permanent changes on a subconscious level.

Perhaps now I feel just a little bit more, deserving. And willing to receive, in an honest and open way. And I say to myself, “I like it!”