Written by Megan

I am a singer who had quit singing after a life-threatening trauma. I could not allow myself to sing because music is so tied to emotion, and I was tired of emotion after the incident. Of course, embargoing emotion is a bad idea, but it had become a useful coping strategy.

My sisters gave me the gift of The Blessing, a sacred sound ceremony knowing about both the trauma and the fact that I had quit singing. I was both grateful for and nervous about the gift. I’ve known Carolyn for as long as I can remember and trust her completely. But, I was not eager to open these floodgates.

The ceremony was lovely and painful (while it broke the seal on my protected emotions) and effective. I believe it was a very important step in peeling away some ugly layers of fear and anger. And, I’m singing again: at present, Mozart’s Requiem. It feels important to sing again.

Peace to you