Workshop participants share their experiences

The opening meditation/visualization I felt all my chakras tingle and fill with light. My wings as they appeared were super white, fluffy, the edges had shades of white, gray and black tips. Then I experienced another pair of wings that emerged by my head, they were a pair of little baby wings. It was so playful.


Carolyn, my heart is still smiling, and my soul continues to be at peace after the wonderful ceremony we experienced at your home on Saturday-Receiving Your Wings of Light. Thank you, too, for the feather, I am looking at right now and the angel of hope I placed in a very special place.


I love attending workshops hosted by Carolyn Vinup. They are always engaging, interactive, insightful, experiential, meaningful and fun.  I didn’t know who was attending the workshop and when I arrived 2 of my closest friends were also there. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, immersed in healing light, receiving my angel wings and being with friends.


During the activation ceremony it became apparent to me that my wings did not want to be attached. They wanted to be free and that is defiantly a theme for me right now-FREE and FREEDOM to Be Me.


Receiving Your Wings of Light was an emotional experience. I asked for healing light, and saw the colors blue and green as the ceremony started. A purple light appeared in the center of my forehead. I was told that I didn’t need healing. That the healing had already arrived. I saw pink hearts, swirling, hearts popping in and out. I saw ONE EYE, big and strong and in the end, it closed. The message was “Brittany you get this, you got this. I am honoring you.” The wings were white, fluffy, solid, safe and comforting. When the ceremony began there was a lump in my throat and after the activation ceremony it was gone.


During the Adoration of our Wings

I cried as I touched Sally’s wings. – SYK

I touched Cathie’s wings and they were soft and round like a blanket and this was before Cathie shared with the Group her Owl Wings embraced her like a blanket. – Mary