Written by Gina

I received my first sacred sound therapy as a gift from a friend after fighting off pneumonia and suffering from chronic fatigue. I told Carolyn that I felt like a walking corpse.

I was told that she was an energy healer and could help realign my chakras. What I received was so much more!

Shortly after my first treatment my life began to flourish in ways it never had before.  I felt lighter and more joyful. I began to shine at work and in my personal life. I went from being a “corpse” to having a healthy lifestyle, loving husband, and a successful career.  I have returned to Carolyn for a “tune-up” one or twice a year for over a decade, including some pre- and post-surgery healing.  Each experience outshines the last.  I have referred Carolyn to my sister, my nieces, and many others over the years.  If you feel like giving up or overwhelmed, I recommend Carolyn to help you remember that you are blessed beyond measure!

You have made such a difference in my life and my families lives. Thank you!