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First Time Visitors Guide to Sound Healing and Gateways to Brilliance

Welcome First Time Visitors!

I am so excited you are here! 

A Sound Healing appointment is like a Massage, Acupuncture or Chiropractic Care
appointment. You are looking for ways to rest, relax, reduce stress and pain, restore your quality of life, and feel renewed.

For some people getting a massage, seeing their chiropractor or acupuncturist is part of their self-care routine. While for others it is something they do a few times a year or for a special occasion or when they are experiencing an injury. Or some people view these alternative care options as preventive care and schedule regular appointment for optimal health and well-being. All these reasons are why someone would choose to schedule a sound healing appointment as well.

However, there are additional reasons why someone would choose Sound Healing. Some people are exploring an Integrative Approach to their current health situation. While others feel they have exhausted what Western Medicine can offer and they are willing to try other Holistic Modalities to get relief from their pain (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

Sound Healing looks at YOU from a place of WHOLENESS: mind, body, and spirit connection. You are unique. No one else on planet earth has lived in your shoes or experienced what you have experienced. When you work with an alternative care professional you are getting a customized experience created just for you.

How do you know if a Sound Healing Appointment is right for you?
Maybe you are experiencing:

  • Health issues
  • Long-term health crisis
  • Have an upcoming surgery or after surgery care
  • Going through chemotherapy
  • Recovering from an Injury
  • In the process of divorcing
  • Starting to date again
  • Lost a job
  • Starting a new job or career
  • Moving
  • Becoming a parent
  • Taking care of elderly parents
  • Are suffering from depression
  • Experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one
  • Are in the process of dying yourself
  • Open to release old/new wounds and trauma
  • At a crossroads in your life, feeling lost and seeking spiritual inner guidance and clarity
  • Inspired to write a new life story

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Healing?

Everything is energy. Everything is connected. Everything makes a sound. We are all unique vibratory beings.

Sound healing uses vibrations to help you reach a meditative state of relaxation. These
vibrational sound tools such as music, voice, chanting, crystal singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan
bowls, ting sha’s, tuning forks, drums, harps, didgeridoos, and others, may change your
brainwaves from an active Beta state to a more relaxed meditative brainwave state of Alpha or
Theta. Your brainwaves entrain or synchronize to the healing sounds being played for you.
These vibrational sound tools invite deep states of relaxation, inner peace, calm, healing,
rejuvenation and may create opportunities for expanded states of awareness or as some say
they experienced a journey.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Lowers stress, decreases mood swings, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels,
teaches pain management, and lowers the risk for coronary artery disease and stroke and
improves sleep.

Additional Benefits of Sound Healing

Reduces energy blockages, gain clarity and focus, inspires self-discovery and curiosity, creativity can blossom, activates courage and confidence, relationships can improve, intuitive skills expand, invites you to tap into your own internal guidance system, connection to humanity deepens, your love for self and others expands, you become happier and more joyful.

What Happens At A Sound Healing Appointment?

Prior to the Appointment

  • Once you schedule your appointment, Carolyn will send you details for your upcoming appointment like day of the week, date and time, address, and parking instructions.
  • You will be invited to wear comfortable clothing and not to wear any jewelry.
  • You will stay fully clothed when you are lying on the Sound Table (Massage Table).

Appointment Day

  • You will be invited to the Sacred Sound Chamber.
  • It is in the lower level of Carolyn’s home where you will be asked to walk down a flight of stairs.
  • There is a private bathroom for you to use prior to your appointment.

Sacred Sound Chamber

  • Once inside the Sacred Sound Chamber you will be offered a glass of water or a cup of tea.
  • There will be a Consent For Treatment form to sign and a brief check-in conversation.
  • Then you will be introduced to the Vibrational Sound Healing Tools that may be used for the appointment.
  • Then you will be invited to lay on the Sound Table (Massage Table) where you will be covered in soft blankets and your head can be placed on soft or firm pillows.
  • Once you are comfortable, there is a beginning breathing exercise.
  • A guided meditation follows next.
  • Then the Vibrational Sound Tools will play for you and shower you in healing tones.
  • Silence is encouraged after the appointment comes to an end so you can enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the space.
What to expect after a Sound Healing Session?

You will be invited to:

  • Drink water to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Spend time outdoors: take a walk, hug a tree, lay on the grass, watch the clouds float by, garden, read a book.
  • Take a nap if your body is tired or deeply relaxed.
  • Listen to music.
  • Meditate.
  • Stay present, quiet, contemplative, and reflective.
  • Have a cup of tea with a friend and share your experience with them.
  • Pay attention to any insights, thoughts, aha moments.
  • Appreciate your investment in you and your self-care.
  • Look at the world with a new sense of renewal and a grateful heart.
  • Feel lighter, brighter, and more radiant.

A Message from Carolyn

I love to work with Sacred Sound and create sacred spaces where your soul can dance. My work is about love and light and washing away energy debris that holds you back from being and expressing your most brilliant light-filled self. I am passionate about cultivating conscious environments, both inner and outer, through my work as a certified Feng Shui and Sacred Sound Consultant. My ceremonies and workshops are interactive, powerful, meaningful, and transformational.

Re-center, focus and change the energy you put out into the world

I found Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance from a friend who knew I was searching for stress reduction options for frontline healthcare workers. I had not heard of sound healing and was curious how this mindfulness energy modality could support rest, relaxation, and bring a sense of peace and calm. I decided to give it a try. (READ MORE)

Kellie Lease Stecher, MD OBGYN

Co-founder & President | Patient Care Heroes Fairview, Obstetrics and Gynecology Services