I found Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance from a friend who knew I was searching for stress reduction options for frontline healthcare workers. I had not heard of sound healing and was curious how this mindfulness energy modality could support rest, relaxation, and bring a sense of peace and calm. I decided to give it a try.

The morning of my appointment, I had just finished being on call and was still in high energy work mode, adrenaline was still surging through my veins. I needed some rest and relaxation, so the timing was perfect.

Upon entering the Sacred Sound Chamber, you could feel the peace and calm in the room. Carolyn invited me to have a cup of tea and we began our check in conversation. Carolyn noticed the intensity in my body and invited me to take a few moments to ground into my body and focus on my breathing. I closed my eyes and started to journey inward, and my mind began to quiet. This is even before the Sound Session began.

As I settled in, Carolyn shared a little bit about the science of sound and how it invites the parasympathetic nervous system to focus on restoring the body to a state of calmness, rest, and inner peace. The Crystal Singing Bowls are beautiful and listening to them fill the space with healing sounds invites your brain waves to shift from Beta (active mind) to Alpha (more relaxed, dream like state) and even to Theta (deep meditative states). You are still aware, yet in a deep state of relaxation.

I felt very safe and supported on the massage table where I was wrapped in soft blankets, there was a soft glow of candles flickering in the space and it was very calming. Carolyn began with a guided visualization and a breathing exercise. After that she began to play the Crystal Singing Bowls and my body and mind began to relax. I know at some point I must have fallen asleep. I realized after the session ended that I was more than a physical body and I felt like I was able to connect to something deeper within.

So, after this experience this is what I would like to share with others: We often do not
take time for ourselves. We need to allow ourselves the opportunity to rest and recharge. This is an experience that helps you re-center, focus, and change the energy you put out into the world. (DOWNLOAD STORY)

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Kellie Lease Stecher, MD, OBGYN

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