Principles of Sound

Vibration, Energy and Life
Everything creates a frequency
  • Everything is in a state of vibration
  • Everything is energy
  • We are all vibratory beings
Hermetic Principles
  • The universe is nothing more or less, than an endless number of vibrations and rhythms
  • Jonathan Goldman began to see an interesting phenomenon; different people apparently used different frequencies or different sounds to heal the same problem
  • How could this be?
  • The concept of intent relates to the Hermetic Principle that all is mind, for intent stems from the mind as the creator of sound
  • Intention as thought forms are energy.
  • A more advanced understanding of intent involves what may be understood as alignment with the purpose of our higher selves or Divine Will
  • It is that aspect of consciousness that is able to align with the sacred energy of sound
  • It is “Thy Will” not “My Will”
  • When we reach this level, our intent is to become a vehicle for sacred sound and we are able to by-pass the lesser aspects of self which may be out of balance.
  • Sound becomes a carrier wave of consciousness –our intention matters and influences how the sound interacts within our energy bodies
  • Stephen Halpern states: This means that depending upon where an individual’s awareness is placed when he creates a certain sound, the sound will carry information on that state to the person receiving it.
  • Is the natural, normal healthy vibrational rate of an object-this includes the human body
  • Human body as an orchestra, playing the Symphony of Self
  • Length of a Sound Wave
  • A string that vibrates back and forth one hundred times a second will create a sound that can be measured at 100 Hz. This would be its frequency. Humans hear within a range limited to vibrations between 16-25,000 Hz.
Sound travels as a wave
  • How fast of slow and how many waves per second occur is called the Frequency of a sound
    • Waves moving slow: Sound is deep
    • Waves moving faster: Sound is high
    • We hear 16-16,000 cycles per second
    • Children 18,000-20,000
    • Dolphins 180,000
    • Piano 25-4000
Sound intensity

  • Talking 50-60 decibels
  • Rock Band 100 decibels
  • Jet Plane 120 decibels
Grandfather Clocks, phenomenon of synchronizing vibrations into a rhythm and conserving energy. Entrainment can synchronize our brain waves, heart rate, and respiration
Brain Waves
  • Beta: 14-20 hertz or cycles per second. Normal waking state of consciousness, present when our focus of attention is on activities of the external world
  • Faster talking, doing something right now, getting it done, heart beat is faster, working in the physical plane
  • Alpha: 8-13 hertz or cycles per second. Daydreaming or light meditation, creative visualization, watching TV.There is something called the Schumann resonance and it the resonant frequency of the earth and that is 7.8-8.5. When you are entrained in that rhythm you are connected to Gaia consciousness.
  • Theta: 4-7 hertz or cycles per second. High states of creativity, Shamanic work, deep states of meditation and sleep, channeling, really slowed down, peaceful place to be
  • Delta: .5-3 hertz or cycles per second. Deep sleep or unconsciousness, coma, Deep healers work here, Shamans, Trance Channels
Human Voice
  • Creating sounds with conscious awareness and purpose
  • Free
  • Most important healing instrument we own
Your Personal Vibration

  • Your personal vibration is the key to the Success of your Sound experiences
  • You are a transformational agent for change in your environment, your personal energy system and expanding the energy for your clients to shift as well.
  • High vibrating energies: Love, Appreciation, Joy
    Low vibrating energies: Anger, Hatred, Fear, Depression
  • Key Qualities to expand sound experiences: Love, Kindness, Joy, Appreciation and Forgiveness
Chakra is an Ancient Sanskrit, which means spinning wheel or vortex. These vortexes are known as spiritual centers of energy and consciousness. It is believed that there are seven major chakras within the body that correspond to seven major endocrine glands. These vortexes of energy emerge to the surface on the front and back of the body from seven regions of the spine.

Each Chakra represents a different state of consciousness

Different schools of thoughts:

  • Chakra 1& 2 related to the physical life and being
  • Chakra 2 & 3 relate to the emotional centers
  • Chakra 3 & 4 relate to the mind
  • Chakra 5-6-7 relate to the Divine Trinity and our Spiritual Divinity
Formulas from Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds
  • Frequency (Sound) + Intention = Healing
  • Frequency (Sound) + Intention + Love = Expanding Awareness
Carolyn, you are working on all levels of consciousness. I get a sense that you “see and feel consciousness shifting” and that’s how you know what’s opening, closing and expanding for the person you are working with. Sacred Sound is so apart of who you are, keep on sharing your great work with the world. We need these good vibrations.

Hi Care, your sacred sound ceremony, The Blessing is SO WONDERFUL! I still feel like I’m humming. I feel like my blocks and fears are still moving through, but I don’t feel blocked or scared. I am calm, content and feel deep peace. You are a blessing and it is a blessing…

You are a beautiful woman– inside and out…

Blessings, Louise