Written by Bethany, March 2017

If you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful and spiritual experience that renews your energy and opens your heart to the magical possibilities of life, try Carolyn Vinup’s Sacred Sound Ceremony, The Blessing. Carolyn is the ultimate professional with a lovely ability to make you feel comfortable and special from the moment you enter the door of her delightful home. For those new to sound ceremonies, Carolyn walks you step-by-step through the blessing ceremony, describing the actions, sounds and intentions of each part of the process – all over a cup of warm tea. She shines while she talks about The Blessing, sharing stories that are touching and powerful, and it shows just how deeply she cares about you and the sound healing experience. By the time you lay down on her cozy massage table, complete with blankets and pillows, your blood pressure has dropped, and you feel innately relaxed.

Whether you know Carolyn personally, have been referred to her by a friend, have experience with sound healing, or reached out to her for a specific purpose, Carolyn will take the time to understand what your desired outcome is and shape the experience based on your individual needs. Her customization shows her true passion, to gift you with a sacred experience that helps you open your heart, mind and body. Her one request is that you be open to receiving the gift of this sacred experience.

The ceremony itself is a beautiful cascade of tones from the opening chants to the ringing of the crystal singing bowls. You feel the love, energy and light surrounding your body and for me, a feeling of complete relaxation and peace. I left The Blessing feeling calm, happy and glad that I took the time to do something for myself. Many of us, especially women, don’t often take the time for self-love and care, and this time to yourself, different than a massage or workout, allows you to quiet your mind and open up your energy channels in a way that is heart-touching.