NatureScaping Outdoor Event

A Mindfulness Outdoor Experience for Personal, Spiritual Development and Self Discovery

This is a wonderful team building experience for businesses, healthcare professionals, associations, community organizations or invite a group of spiritual friends seeking a unique way to deepen their relationships.

Some of the nature therapy experiences offered:

  • Grateful Heart Labyrinth
  • Wings of Love & Light Pine Tree Contemplation
  • Stacking Rocks and Building Cairns
  • Pathway to Stillness and Stillness Centering
  • Angel Wings
  • The Blessing Tree
  • Reflection Swing
  • Wisdom Tree Energy
  • Sacred Conversations
  • Peace Pole
  • The Cosmic Portal Sacred Stones
  • Plant Energy
  • Garden Views and Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Explore a variety of Integrative Energy Tools: Tuning Forks, Drums, Crystals, Sacred Stones,  Aromatherapy, Dowsing Rods, a Fire Ceremony,  Sacred Sound Chamber Tour, Personal  Reflections, Group Sharing and a Final Crystal  Singing Bowl Group Meditation

NatureScaping – A Mindfulness Outdoor Experience

Groups of 8-10 people, 3 – 4 hour experience, light snacks and beverages will be included. Location: Healing Places and Spiritual Spaces in Eden Prairie, MN.

Call 612-325-5162 for dates and pricing.

I attended Carolyn’s NatureScaping outdoor experience with a small group. It was a beautiful, fun afternoon of connection and reflection. Carolyn offers a wealth of guidance along with the energy tools and spaces … truly a spiritual playground that supported my curiosity, fed my energy, and was amplified by sharing it with friends.

I have listened to singing bowls remotely and love how the sound penetrates my body and stills my busy mind.  When Carolyn did the final crystal singing bowl meditation, I knew I needed more of the in-person version!

I scheduled a session of ‘Receiving Messages through Singing Bowls’. It was exquisite! I will be doing this again. (Read More)

Tami Cooper

NatureScaping Attendee

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