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All Mindfulness programs are highly interactive, engaging, meaningful and experiential.

Carolyn Vinup has been a leader in Integrative Health, Healing, Wellness and Wholeness for over 15 years. She was an instructor at both Anoka Ramsey and Normandale Community Colleges in their Feng Shui and Sound Healing programs. She created the first ever, Sound Healing courses offered at Anoka Ramsey in 2003-2004 and then moved that programming to Normandale Community College. She was an instructor at Normandale Community College from 2004-2012, at that time she was also hired as an Integrative Health Education Consultant and Program Developer. She helped build the Integrative Health Education Center and was also the Host of Edge Talk Radio-Learning Well. Carolyn continues to be an active force in the community and is sought after as a Mindfulness Facilitator for organizations exploring a holistic approach to work, life, organizational health, healing and spiritual awakening.

The Gift of Time  3-4 hour facilitation
3 Segments:
  1. Your Presence is a Present
  2. What Steals Your Time
  3. What Sustains Your Time

This event integrates Principles of Sacred Sound, Feng Shui and Mindfulness. It’s a mixture of lecture, group activities, personal insight and reflection.

Activating Your Pineal Gland  1-2 hour facilitation

This pine shaped gland located in the center of your head holds the key to awakening your higher consciousness and clearing out the fog that clouds you from sharing your intuitive gifts.

Receiving Your Wings of Light 2-3 hour facilitation

An invitation from the Universe to claim your light. The activation ceremony will consist of a circle of love, angel poses, 10,000 hands moving meditation, group adoration, and practice walking with our wings of light. The experience is sacred, meaningful, playful and delightful.

The Art of Giving and Receiving 2-3 hour facilitation

The energy of Giving and Receiving work together to create a life that flows. Learn how to identify if your giving or receiving is out of balance and simple steps you can make to bring them back into alignment. Your life will be richer, fuller and more meaningful.

Uplifting The Energy of Your Home 2-3 hour facilitation

Creating sacred space in you home using Feng Shui space clearing and blessing ceremony traditions.

The Healing Qualities of Sacred Sound 2-3 hour facilitation

Explore spiritual awakenings and activations using sacred sound as a tool for transformation.

Clear Your Clutter 2-3 hour facilitation

Explore your clutter from a Feng Shui perspective. How is clutter impacting you physically, emotionally mentally, and spiritually? Learn ways to release clutter from your life.

2018 Fall Kick Off Event for University of Minnesota School of Nursing

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Carolyn, you share an exquisite expertise in integrating intelligence, spirit, and action to transform an experience into life transcendence.  We are in gratitude for your leadership in planning  our large academic kick-off event  “The Gift of Time” with intention,  grace, and respect of all the team.  Your authenticity invites inclusivity and risk-taking. Your attention to all details created a seamless mind-body-soul filled experience of timelessness for us as a community. What a validation of your gift to  foster learning:  brain –emotion – behavior into life and community transformation.  You  distilled  complexity into our essence of communitude™.

I am - We are In gratitude, Connie

Connie White Delaney PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI, FNAP Professor & Dean , University of Minnesota School of Nursing

The day of our annual kick-off event is always memorable, as we enjoy each other’s company and set the tone for the start of the semester! This year’s perspective on the gift of time enabled reflection on how we spend our time and how we each value our time. During the discussions led by Carolyn, our group reflected on the lifespan of our organization, with some in the early stages of planning their career to those planning the transition to retirement. The gift of time took on different meanings to all of us as we thought about the unique talents that we all bring to the table. The sharing of perspective led to an appreciation for each person’s contributions and commitment to our mission and an opportunity to dialogue on working together as a team. Carolyn’s holistic approach to the kick-off provided an excellent opportunity for us to re-energize and reconnect before the chaotic semester commenced!