Manifesting Abundance Event

Focusing on Magnetizing Waves of Abundance present by Carolyn Vinup
Magnetizing Waves of Abundance

Carolyn Vinup, founder and visionary of Gateways to Brilliance presented Focusing on Magnetizing Waves of Abundance, August 8, 2021.

The day of our annual kick-off event is always memorable, as we enjoy each other’s company and set the tone for the start of the semester! This year’s perspective on the gift of time enabled reflection on how we spend our time and how we each value our time. During the discussions led by Carolyn, our group reflected on the lifespan of our organization, with some in the early stages of planning their career to those planning the transition to retirement. The gift of time took on different meanings to all of us as we thought about the unique talents that we all bring to the table. The sharing of perspective led to an appreciation for each person’s contributions and commitment to our mission and an opportunity to dialogue on working together as a team. Carolyn’s holistic approach to the kick-off provided an excellent opportunity for us to re-energize and reconnect before the chaotic semester commenced!


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