by Laura Strong

I don’t often make the time for my own self-care, feeling that almost everything else on my to do list has a higher priority. Sound familiar to anyone? That is one reason I wanted to share a recent and profound experience I had with Carolyn Vinup in her Sacred Sound Chamber. For those of you who do not know Carolyn, she has been part of the Wellness Revolution movement for over 25 years specializing in Feng Shui Blessings and creating sacred space in homes, offices, and wellness centers.

As a Sound Frequency Ambassador, Carolyn also guides spiritual seekers through transformative sessions called Sacred Ceremonies in her sacred sound chamber. Although accurate, none of these written descriptions captures the multi-sensory, curated experience that I had when visiting her sacred sound chamber.

The experience started before I even exited my car as Carolyn greeted me like a long-lost friend as I pulled into her driveway. As we entered her home, I got a glimpse of her backyard that she has transformed into what she fondly refers to as NatureScapes and includes a walking labyrinth, reflection stations, a soon-to-be-installed peace pole and many other immersive experiences. Immediately, I could feel the deep grounded energy that welcomed and supported me throughout my time with Carolyn.

As we headed down to her sacred sound chamber, I knew I was in for a special experience when I was greeted at the chamber entrance by this visual delight. Carolyn has fresh flowers and other signs of life throughout her sound chamber – including the friendly symphony of the birds through the open window that serenaded me during my session. 

Everything felt so peaceful and still. I was invited to look at a collection of stones and crystals to see if any were calling to me and I selected a small malachite heart to hold throughout my visit. Before I even knew I was thirsty I discovered a glass of cool water awaiting me at a little seating area where we had a chance to talk before my sound session began. We even pulled an oracle card to see if there might be a message or theme for my visit.

It is difficult to describe the profound experience I had as we moved into the sound experience. I am a regular meditator, so I am very aware of my monkey mind and the time it generally takes me to get into a meditation state, but something about the peaceful and well-grounded space allowed me to quickly drop into a deep sense of relaxation and rest as the waves of sound washed the stress and lingering anxiety from my muscles and bones.

Carolyn has worked so intimately with her sound healing tools (crystal bowls, forks, chimes) that she intuitively selects what your body is craving as she clears your chakras. She also often receives messages as she works that she shares with you after the formal session is complete.

It was very interesting that many of the messages she received corresponded to the images and feelings I experienced. We debriefed after the session by sharing our experiences and unraveling the shared intelligence we received. I left a few hours later feeling at ease and grateful to have received the blessing of time with Carolyn.

As if that was not enough, I was delighted to receive an email later in the day where Carolyn summarized the teachings of the day and provided resources and helpful information that continues to enhance my journey.

If this writing resonates within you, I highly recommend that you visit Carolyn for an exquisite self-care experience. You deserve it! 



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