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Personal Transformation through Sacred Sound and Feng Shui

Sound Healing on the Go!

I recently had shoulder surgery and wanted to have a sound healing session to accelerate the healing process, but I was unable to drive to Carolyn's sacred sound studio.  Carolyn arrived at my home with her sacred sound tools: "Angel Bowl", turning forks and ting...

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Opening your heart to magical possibilities

If you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful and spiritual experience that renews your energy and opens your heart to the magical possibilities of life, try Carolyn Vinup’s Sacred Sound Ceremony, The Blessing.

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When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide

The content for “When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide” all started as I was driving to a sound healing event to activate my etheric Angel Wings with an intimate group of women in sacred ritual.

Naturally, I was imagining what my Angel Wings would look like on my way there. I saw them as large white, fluffy, Angelic wings, with sparkles and so much LIGHT.

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Gather blessings, like flowers to your heart

I was excited the entire drive to Carolyn’s Blessing Ceremony. I knew that something wonderful, marvelous,something new was about to happen. I actually got lost, although I have known the way to Carolyn’s for years.

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Love and light

The Blessing was one of the most sacred ceremonies that I have ever experienced. From a purely physical standpoint it eradicated my stress and I was washed with love and light.

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Abundant love

I was honored to receive beautiful sound healing Blessing from Carolyn, about a month after my mother died from living with ALS. I was happy in so many ways that my mother was in a place of ease and rest….Though that forever feeling of lose was heavy on my heart.

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Deep into healing mode

I don’t think I’ve ever gone so deep into healing mode. Afterward, I felt so balanced and energized but relaxed at the same time. It was profound, not only healing but revealing.

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Realign my chakras

Written by Gina I received my first sacred sound therapy as a gift from a friend after fighting off pneumonia and suffering from chronic fatigue. I told Carolyn that I felt like a walking corpse. I was told that she was an energy healer and could help realign my...

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Cleared and Recalibrated

My session, Gateways To Brilliance -The Blessing, with Carolyn Vinup was deeply relaxing. As the sound and vibration of her voice, chant, and crystal singing bowls flowed through my body, I felt a sense of releasing and lightness.

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Infused with Light

Carolyn Vinup’s “I AM LIGHT” Ceremony was so beautiful. Carolyn worked with 2 chants that opened the gateways for more spiritual light to fill my entire being.

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Calling in the energy of creation

The best way I can describe my experience is at some point during your blessing, and based on what you we described at the end, is when you were calling in the energy of creation, I felt like I traveled to the stars.

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I have experienced both of Carolyn’s blessing ceremony’s: The Spiritual Blessings that support my inner wellbeing and a Feng Shui Blessing that anchored beauty and flow in our physical surrounding.

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Reclaiming My Voice

Written by Megan I am a singer who had quit singing after a life-threatening trauma. I could not allow myself to sing because music is so tied to emotion, and I was tired of emotion after the incident. Of course, embargoing emotion is a bad idea, but it had become a...

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All energy has frequency

All energy has frequency. What do you want your words and intentions to do? Dr. Emoto provided this in The Miracle of water experiments.

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Relationship Transition

I am transitioning to single life after 25+ years of marriage.  Our paths have changed and shifted, so I was looking for a way to create inner peace and gain clarity.  I heard about Carolyn and her work with The Blessing, a sacred sound ceremony and I set up an appointment to experience her work.

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This girl is on fire!

Hello World! Imagine what would happen if you could marry the tranquility of a day at the spa with the high-impact personal coaching session. Magic.

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Immersed in a divine embrace

“Carolyn’s sacred sound session became an experience that delicately picked up my soul and cradled me with the music singing from her crystal bowls.  It’s as though my brain was led forward with each tone that sounded to a place of the deepest of peace and grace. 

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Presence of the Divine

Carolyn after “The Blessing”, a sacred sound ceremony, I remember lying there in silence and I was speechless. The entire experience was sacred, holy and I felt the Presence of the Divine all around me.

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I felt such peace

Carolyn, I felt such peace. I haven’t been that relaxed and rested in years. I have been battling cancer for the past several years and most days my teeth and fists are clenched.

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A Blessing Sandwich

The Blessing is an activation upon activation upon activation. From the moment the guided visualization started that was an activation. Then Carolyn chanted for over 5 minutes and that felt like an activation.

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The Blessing – a personal journey

This morning is my Blessing Ceremony with Carolyn – gifted to me from Anne. I am not sure what to expect but am excited about the crystal bowls, which I love.
I arrive and am met by Carolyn and her two lively dogs who will be joining us in the ceremony.

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Amazing transformative light

I’m so grateful for Carolyn’s nurturing guidance through the profound experience of The Blessing, her Sacred Sound Ceremony. Carolyn’s chanting and the crystal bowl sounds transported me to a dimension of incredible peace and harmony, illuminating my being as I became immersed in an amazing transformative light.

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I loved our time together

Care, I loved our time together, and everything about it. Conversations with you ignite my imagination and spirit, and your gift of sacred sound is truly remarkable. The Manifesting for 2017 Ceremony is fantastic–unique, brilliant, deeply relaxing and transformative.

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Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desire

Carolyn, you are part of my self-care team. I have experienced many of your Spiritual Blessing Ceremonies and I was filled with anticipation for your newest ceremony-Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires. For this ceremony I started lying on my back, then moved to my stomach and then onto my back again.

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Calling in the Light of Forgiveness

I have known Carolyn for over 10 years. I have taken her classes, workshops and experienced her sacred sound work. I saw Carolyn at a networking event and shared that I felt stuck in my life and needed some clarity.

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Searching for assistance with grief, trauma, loss, or transition

I have known Carolyn for 8 years and can speak of her skills, professionalism, intuitive guidance, dedication to preparing and holding sacred space and facilitates an incredible healing experience. The reason I worked with Carolyn was to help me endure the unexpected passing of my husband, and find peace and courage to continue living.

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A new intention for dating

I love Carolyn and her sacred sound sessions! I was having a hard time finding the boyfriend I was looking for mostly because I had a strong limiting belief that I couldn’t find him; I was starting to think he didn’t exist, not to mentioned I was getting impatient!

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A mystical wisdom transference

I want to share with you the experience I had after “The Blessing”, a sacred sound ceremony. I was given these words: “The Blessing” is a “Mystical wisdom transference from Divine and Holy Sources”. I sent you the image I drew after the session, it was the Hebrew symbol Shin.

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Wonderful sound experience

Carolyn, thank you for the wonderful sound experience. As you know I had just lost my father as I was in a ton of pain, grief and sadness. I felt that the sound experience calmed my inner being.

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I am divine light

This is the light I saw the next morning after our evening candlelight Blessing ceremony. It connected me to the beauty of nature and reminded me of the Divine Light I experienced in our session.

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A journey deep inside myself

I recently had the opportunity to experience a Sacred Sound session with Carolyn. I had no idea what to expect, but I was completely blown away by “The Blessing”. Before the session even began, Carolyn made me feel completely comfortable by talking through what to expect.

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Other Heartfelt Messages

Short messages received from Gateways to Brilliance clients.

Carolyn-You are a blessing!  Please know your generosity of time and spirit at a most delicate time has been an anchor of love and light to me. – Felicity

“I work with Carolyn Vinup because I seek out intuitive people who use other forms of enlightenment and spirituality to heal my soul,” – Heidi

I am honored to have had Carolyn facilitate a healing for me! It was supportive, interactive and transformational. I have no words to describe her sound healing work; it needs to be experienced. – Claire N

Thanks so much for this blessing ceremony and all the beautiful reminders.  Your gifts are continually unfolding in my life. What a gift you are to me! You are so amazing, you are a blessing to me!   Love, Light and Laughter surround you always my friend. – Megan

I had no idea I would be doing Forgiveness work during The Blessing. My father passed away many years ago and several individuals showed up during the session. I am grateful for the opportunity to heal those relationships and step into deeper understanding. I felt very safe during “The Blessing”, peaceful, contentment, deep love, oneness consciousness. I also wanted to share that I saw a Chalice which represented infinite consciousness, creation and vibration…..and I felt very moved by the Holiness of the experience. I am Love. May you be Forever Blessed!. – Susan

A very special and transformative experience in a lovely space in deed. It’s hard to describe but it’s something like being in a tree house…rooted and elevated at the same time. You owe it to yourself. – Elli

Carolyn’s Sacred Sound session is a must for anyone in need of relaxation, mediation, healing and energy restoration.   I walked away feeling refreshed with a clear mind and heart.  Carolyn makes you feel comfortable and helps you focus on YOU, something many of us have a difficult time prioritizing.  Sacred Sound is a unique and wonderful experience. – Theresa