The Background Story to the enchanted music

In August 2001, I was at Clare Wells, a Spirituality Farm in Annandale, MN run by Franciscan Nuns. Clare Wells was recommended as a sacred space for self-care, a quiet place where your soul could be nourished and be surrounded by nature. As a young mother, I needed rest, relaxation, and renewal. This was a place to explore inner growth and spend time experiencing peace. My husband was on a camping weekend with our daughters, so the timing was perfect.

At Clare Wells, there was a massive labyrinth. I got up early in the morning and remember the gorgeous blue skies above me and the sun was gently warming the day. Upon entering the center of the labyrinth, I asked for guidance. “What is my purpose?” and I heard, “To Create Sacred Space Where Your Soul Can Dance.” (Today, that business is called Gateways To Brilliance).

As I walked out of the labyrinth reflecting on the message, I felt a strong urge that I was going to create a music CD. I was quite amused and thought, “I am not a singer or a musician, how am I going to create a CD?”

After I got home from that weekend and was spending time watering the plants in my gardens, the energy was strong again, more urgent this time. “Carolyn, you need to create a music CD.”

The only musician I knew at the time was Boyd Sibley and I knew of him because he created 11 of my family members “Soul Songs”. I contacted Boyd and his partner Kelly Lynn. I told them about my vision, and my sense of urgency.

Boyd saw the same vision, felt the sense of urgency, and said “Yes” to producing the music and working with me on this project. Boyd went to Clare Wells, toward the end of August, with his wooden flute, and as he sat upon the land, the music and vibration for “In the Name of Hope-Sacred Space” was birthed.

Boyd began to create the music and invited me to participate and play some of the instruments, so my energy signature was on the musical track.

The creation of “In the Name of Hope-Sacred Space” was effortless. It flowed, was uplifting, opened, balanced, and healed the energy centers inside the body as well as creating a healing vibration that flows into any space where the music is played.

The CD was completed on September 11, 2001. As the planes crashed into the Twin Tower buildings in New York, Boyd was completing the master CD.

Boyd, Kelly Lynn, and I felt very strongly that this music was created and completed that day as a vehicle to support all those that passed. It created a healing portal.

Everytime I listen to the music, it continues to touch my heart deeply, it is very healing. I love how the music begins with the sound of water, gently washing through your entire body, energy centers, your own water and blood, nourishing you as the water flows, cleansing and lifting any debris such as negative thoughts, emotions, burdens, misunderstandings, hurts down the stream. Then the wooden flute beckons you to join the journey. The synthesizers continue the winding journey through the water of your soul. A Native American chant calls out to ‘Great Spirit’ and invites you to Find Your Sacred Space. This movement closes with synthesizers, wooden flute, and the sound of water. The activation and chakra healing begins with French horns announcing each Chakra starting with the key of C, the root chakra, and moving to the key of D, the sacral chakra, then to the key of E, the solar plexus chakra, then to the key of F, the heart chakra, then to the key of G, the throat chakra, then to the key of A, the third eye chakra, then to the key of B, the crown chakra. There are also places in the music where I feel it calls out asking you, inviting you to Find Your Sacred Space, as you listen, see if that message calls to you as well. As the music draws to a close you are again blessed by the healing sounds of water, the wooden flute, and synthesizers.

This was a project based on deep love for humanity, kindness, inner peace, and compassion. In 2021, it will be 20 years since the vision for this project was placed inside my heart. I am so grateful I listened to my internal guidance system, found Boyd and Kelly Lynn, so this beautiful healing vibration can be shared with the world.

“In the Name of Hope-Sacred Space” has been listened to all over the world. I continue to receive messages about how this music has been shared, how it has been used for events, personal healing, end of life celebrations, ceremonies and raising the vibration in homes and on land.

As you walk this sacred path of life, may you find your sacred space.
Much love to you.
Carolyn Vinup

Click here to listen to a sample of the music or to order the download.