Written by Carolyn Vinup, Essential Wellness Magazine Article

LIFE IS FULL of infinite possibilities. Fully Engaged in Life means living your life with a heightened level of awareness, and a comfortable, trusting relationship with your personal intuition. Intuition teaches us about boundaries, relationships, what feels safe and fun and where trouble may be looming. Intuition helps us to learn more about ourselves and expands our awareness. Intuition can become a trusted friend and help guide us to people, places, things and experiences that align us to our life’s journey.


Chanting mantras out loud and silently has been part of my intuitive expansion plan for many years.

A powerful Sanskrit mantra is Sat-existence, chit-consciousness, ananda-bliss. This mantra is a building block that supports living a Fully Engaged Life. There is a deep understanding and reverence for the interconnectedness and journey of life.

Developing intuition is a life skill that places you on a path to life-long learning and cultivating your consciousness and energy signature.

Intuition is like a muscle that needs to be developed, worked and conditioned. I develop my intuitive skills daily by playing games with universal energy and it always plays back. It’s how I engage and interact with the world, my environment, with people, and with daily situations. If you listen, respond and act, your intuition will guide you.


  1. You become aware that everything is energy and everything is connected
  2. You hear people talk about your energy signature
  3. You know your thoughts are creating your reality
  4. You willingly share your strengths, talents and gifts with the world
  5. You spread kindness and gratitude
  6. You invite playfulness, happiness and joy
  7. You experience more synchronicity
  8. You radiate goodness
  9. You have an expansive mindset
  10. You live in a world filled with endless possibilities

I invite you to join a community of like-minded people where intuitive development is supported. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Carolyn Vinup is Fully Engaged In Life. She lives a fully-engaged career where she shares her strengths, talents and wisdom with others. Whether she’s a business development & partnership consultant, event producer, Feng Shui consultant or performing a sacred sound ceremony she’s always cultivating energy that allows others to gain clarity, eliminate barriers, grow business opportunities, manifest their dreams and experience more love and joy in their lives.

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