Inspired Story by Tami Cooper

I attended Carolyn’s NatureScaping outdoor experience with a small group. It was a beautiful, fun
afternoon of connection and reflection. Carolyn offers a wealth of guidance along with the energy tools
and spaces … truly a spiritual playground that supported my curiosity, fed my energy, and was amplified
by sharing it with friends.

I have listened to singing bowls remotely and love how the sound penetrates my body and stills my busy
mind.  When Carolyn did the final crystal singing bowl meditation, I knew I needed more of the in-person

I scheduled a session of ‘Receiving Messages through Singing Bowls’. It was exquisite! I will be doing this

My motivation was to have more of the in-person vibration, so I didn’t come with a specific fix that I
wanted. Carolyn is a wonderful listener and I love how she connected the dots of our conversation and
intuitively created an amazing, personalized sound experience that exceeded my expectations. I definitely
feel an energy shift that has stayed with me. The messages from the bowls were spot on. The clearing of
energy that is no longer needed was a powerful, yet a gentle ‘adjustment’ that provided space for
renewed energy, clarity, and a call to embrace joy.