Creating Sacred Space is a conscious choice. It recognizes that everything we think, feel, experience, touch, say and do impacts all aspects of our lives. Feng Shui provides a system that helps us to organize our physical environments. By putting our physical spaces in order you also impact your inner landscape as well. Sound is a powerful tool that helps us realign the energies you are creating in your home, office or your inner spaces.

Creating Sacred Space in your home or office is practical, logical, supportive, helpful and expansive. The more you organize and put your physical spaces in order the more productive, focused and balanced you will begin to feel. That benefits us both personally and professionally.

One of the greatest gifts you receive as you begin to work with your space more consciously is the clarity you begin to experience in your life. You become happier, joyful; you experience more synchronicity and coincidences that make your life easier.

You begin to easily recognize when things are out of balance and you are no longer in a place of flow. If you become confused, disorganized, frustrated, moody, or unproductive, it’s a clear symptom that both your inner and outer environments need some attention.

Carolyn utilizes the power of sound to realign the inner and outer environments. You can simply listen to some music and that will immediately change the energy in your space. You can also use your voice, it’s the most powerful healing tool you have and it’s with you all the time- just open your mouth and allow your body to make sounds; moans, groans and  sighs, releases pressure in your body.

Listen carefully to the songs you are choosing to listen to or sing. Are the words you are singing supporting you by lifting you up or pulling your energy down? You can also use sound tools; like tuning forks, tingshaws, bells, Tibetan bowls, and crystal singing bowls, drums, musical instruments or pots and pans from the kitchen. Whatever you choose, you will be making a sound and therefore changing the energy around you.

One of the Feng Shui principles states; “Your Space Reflects Your Life”, and taking the time to honor your inner and outer environments will help guide you back on your path to wholeness and well-being. Sound amplifies this process.

When we create conscious spaces of honor they nourish, support and bless us.  Ring in glorious sounds that awaken your inner spirit and dance in the magic of creation.

Enjoy your journey to accelerating your path to expanded awareness, personal growth and well-being by exploring new perspectives that might just change your life. Feng Shui and Sound are a powerful combination for creating spaces that are alive, magical and uplifting.

My wish for you,

“As You Walk
This Sacred Path of Life
 May You Find
Your Sacred Space.”

Carolyn Vinup

Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance: Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light, has been part of the Wellness Movement for over 25 years. Carolyn has been practicing Feng Shui  for 20 years, specializing in Feng Shui Blessings and Creating Sacred Space in Homes, Offices and Wellness Centers. As a Sound Healing Professional, Carolyn guides spiritual seekers through transformative experiences called Sacred Ceremonies in her Sacred Sound Chamber in Eden Prairie, MN. Carolyn is also a certified Feng Shui consultant, Sound Health instructor and practitioner, wellness agent and event producer. To hire Carolyn Vinup for a speaking engagement, Feng Shui appointment or Sound Health session please call 612.325.5162 or email her at