The bedroom is the most important room in your home. This is the room where you want to feel nurtured, safe, and protected. Creating sacred space in this room should be your top priority. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It has three purposes: rest, rejuvenation, and romance. Just remember the three R’s.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary can be a fun activity as well as a personal journey experience. If your bedroom is not your sanctuary, ask yourself these questions. What do you believe the purpose of your bedroom is? What items or pictures could you add to your bedroom so it feels like a sanctuary? What items can be removed from the bedroom? Look at your space with “Feng Shui Eyes”, what message does the room reflect back to you? What is holding you back?

Creating Sacred Space in the bedroom does not need to be complicated. Before you begin your journey look at the bedroom consciously and be open to the messages that are conveyed to you. “Your space reflects your life” is one of the basic principles so, what do you see?

These questions raise important issues. After evaluating the bedroom you still may have questions or concerns and an appointment with a trained Feng Shui practitioner may be 
in order.

  1. When you walk into your bedroom be aware of how you are feeling? This is called your first impression. Do you feel tense, anxious, bored, empty, comfortable, relaxed, romantic or sensuous?
  2. How is the bed placed in this room?
  3. While lying in your bed can you see the door?
  4. While lying in your bed what is on the wall in front of you. This is called your vision wall
  5. Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom?
  6. Can you see it while lying in your bed?
  7. Do you have a solid head board?
  8. What message do the pictures on the wall say about you and your partnership? Are you a single woman looking for a mate? Are the pictures in your bedroom keeping you single, one flower, one woman sitting by the ocean etc?
  9. How organized is your closet? Have you made room for a partner? This also relates to individuals who are already in a committed relationship, have you made room for each other?
  10. Are there two night stands?
  11. Are there two lights?
  12. Are there two clocks?
  13. Do you have an even number of pillows?
  14. Does the furniture have round edges or sharp corners?
  15. Do you have any beams over your bed?
  16. Do you have a vaulted ceiling?
  17. Is the box spring a solid piece or two separate pieces?
  18. Do you store items under your bed?
  19. Do you have TV’s, computers or exercise equipment in your bedroom? If you do this confuses its purpose
  20. How many mirrors are in this room?
  21. How are the mirrors positioned?
  22. Take a look at your night stand, how many books or magazines are piled next to your head, this impacts the quality of your sleep
  23. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
  24. What color is your bedroom painted? You want this room to make you feel protected and safe so you can go into a deep slumber where your body is nourished and rejuvenated for the next day. Skin tone colors are the best choices for bedrooms and skin tones come in a range of colors so get creative.

Simple Solutions for Creating Sacred Space in your bedroom

  1. Paint the walls a new color
  2. Add a healthy plant (silk is fine) to the top right corner of your bedroom, this is called the partnership area
  3. Add plants to the top of your armoires to add vitality to 
    the room
  4. Keep the night stand free of clutter and have only 1-2 books out at time
  5. Place a picture of the two of you on your dresser, put this picture on the top right corner
  6. Remove all items placed underneath the bed, it’s important to keep ch’i moving in your space
  7. Remove all pictures of children, friends, grandparents etc. The metaphor is “whose sleeping in the bedroom with you”
  8. Purchase new bed sheets, get creative, pink or red. What makes you feel beautiful? Choose colors that look good 
    on you
  9. Purchase candles and use them (pink candles would 
    be perfect)
  10. Use aromatherapy to set the mood
  11. Play soothing or romantic music
  12. Share your day with each other by candlelight
  13. Tone a crystal bowl or ring a bell in this room to get the energy in the space moving and shifting
  14. Make sure telephones, radios and clocks are at least  4’ from your head
  15. If you have computers or TV’s in the bedroom cover them with a cloth or place in a cabinet. This is considered YANG energy and is too active for sleeping
  16. If you have exercise equipment in the room place a screen in front of it to block it’s energy from your view
  17. Resolve any unfinished business or issues between partners before retiring to bed
  18. Don’t go to bed angry, this energy will expand into the entire room and be felt by others, we’ve all heard the expression, “it was so thick in there we could have cut it with a knife”
  19. Clean out your closet and drawers. Get rid of or give away any clothing you haven’t worn in a year
  20. Add romantic art work to the space
  21. Splurge and buy yourself or your partner fresh flowers, but be sure to remove them after three days. The life energy of the flowers is drained after three days
  22. Set an intention in this space, what are you trying to call in?
  23. Create an affirmation for yourself or as a couple create 
    one together
  24. Write the words love or romance on your vision wall

Now evaluate your experience. What did you see as you explored your bedroom? Is your bedroom supporting your partnerships or relationship? Is your bedroom a sacred space? Can you truly call it a sanctuary? What simple solutions can you incorporate to make your bedroom your sacred space?

Our space does reflect our lives. The great news is that we have the ability to make changes to our physical environments as well as making conscious changes in our attitudes and beliefs. By making some very simple adjustments our lives can begin to shift. Remember, as you transform the outer environment, the inner space changes too.  Making simple changes can place you on a new path.

So now you’re ready! Go! Create! Make your bedroom your sacred space!

Fill your heart 
with love and light 
 when you give 
you can receive 
go now and find your sacred space 
create your Sacred Space 
Sacred Space

Carolyn Vinup

Carolyn Vinup of Gateways to Brilliance: Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light, has been part of the Wellness Movement for over 25 years. Carolyn has been practicing Feng Shui  for 20 years, specializing in Feng Shui Blessings and Creating Sacred Space in Homes, Offices and Wellness Centers. As a Sound Healing Professional, Carolyn guides spiritual seekers through transformative experiences called Sacred Ceremonies in her Sacred Sound Chamber in Eden Prairie, MN. Carolyn is also a certified Feng Shui consultant, Sound Health instructor and practitioner, wellness agent and event producer. To hire Carolyn Vinup for a speaking engagement, Feng Shui appointment or Sound Health session please call 612.325.5162 or email her at