Written by Mary

I have experienced both of Carolyn’s blessing ceremony’s: The Spiritual Blessings that support my inner wellbeing and a Feng Shui Blessing that anchored beauty and flow in our physical surrounding. As a result, I have experienced greater clarity, joy and blessings in all areas of my life. I highly recommend her sacred services.

Spiritual Blessings
More than five years ago, I scheduled my first Sacred Sound Ceremony with Carolyn. The moment I walked into her home, I felt enveloped in her joy and caring. It was such a wonderful experience that I have made it my annual tradition to have a Sacred Sound Ceremony the week of my birthday, which happens to be in December, so it is also a time of reflection on the New Year. I love that she takes the time to check in with me before the ceremony begins, to hear what is happening in my life, what I am grateful for and what I’d like to set my attention on for the future. The conversations have always been delightful, warm and affirming. The ceremony, and Carolyn’s incredible attention, transforms so many different levels for me. Physically, I feel a complete letting go of stress and tightness. The sounds and blessings wash over my body and mind; it almost feels like a clearing of my mental space. My spirit feels buoyed up and strengthened. It’s the most wonderful ‘adjustment’ for the body, mind and spirit.

Feng Shui Blessings
Last year, my husband and I bought a small home built in 1936. It is surrounded by tall pine trees, looking a bit like the cottages nestled in the woods that I often read about in folk tales when I was a child. We loved it but also wanted to make it our own. I asked Carolyn to do a New Home Blessing. It was such a great way to start building our home and our connection to this place. Carolyn was so thorough in her preparation for the ceremony. And I, of course, had my ‘homework’ to purchase a gift for the home (she suggested a plant for either inside the home or to be planted outside once it was spring) and a bouquet of flowers. When Carolyn arrived that morning, our home was completely empty. Our furniture would arrive that weekend.