Written by Barbara Everett, Minnesota Spiritual Leader

Thank you so much for your generous kindness as a sound keeper, sharing the ancient wisdom and love of crystal bowl healing and The Blessing with the world.

You love the crystal bowls, and they love you in return!

Barbara Everett

I enjoyed the time together from beginning to end. Beginning with the Angel Cards and their messages, and then the wonder and mystery of the healing. The atmosphere is just right, the candles, the aroma of the incense, the comfort and warmth of the healing table in a sacred and cozy space. You set the “tone” carefully.

From the opening tones and sounds of the crystal singing bowls and your chanting throughout the experience, I was completely entranced. Immediately, I began to envision something very old and ancient. In my mind’s eye, I remember another sound healing, in ancient Egypt, in a temple. I was lying on a ceremonial alter with colors and lights emanating from the walls. You were there, too, Carolyn, as the Hierophant (priest/magician) conducting the healing.

In ancient Egypt, these ceremonies were held to rejuvenate the body, expand the consciousness, strengthen the mind, open the heart, and provide the person with longevity and health. The healing yesterday was equally as profound. I love the chanting, the tones, the relaxation and comfort it brought– -complete connection to what was happening. My body certainly absorbed the vibrations with ease, and my heart felt open and caring, and my mind felt clear and alert.

At the end, I liked your explanation of what you experienced as the healer, how you are guided by the bowls and your intuition to use them over and around the person. The sharing that we both did was helpful, and certainly a part of the experience.

The environment surrounding us was spiritual, enlightening, and invigorating.

I am very grateful to you, Carolyn, for the opportunity to personally experience this lovely style of healing.

The Blessing continues to inspire me, and add to the gratitude of the healing. I send you Blessings of Love, Blessings of Gratitude, Blessings of Goodness and Abundance in your life and work.

We talked of many things– — -Atlantis, Egypt, sound, color, healing and how unique this style of healing is so important for this time in evolution. Then you gave me the precious red box of Blessings! Like dessert at the end of a delicious dinner. The careful and personal blessings you have created for the Blessing Box, including The Great Invocation, and so many other meaningful wishes and blessings It was a wonderful time.

Thank you, again, for offering such a profound experience of light, sound, love, and healing. With love, Barbara Everett

This message from Barbara was sent to a group called the Evolutionary Circles

I had the most exquisite time with Carolyn Vinup on Monday when I had my appointment for a Crystal Bowl Healing and Blessing. Give yourself a chance to receive this gift from the universe.

It is a wonderful experience. I have not experienced anything like this before.  By its very nature, it will be unique to everyone since it involves sound. You begin with a lovely conversation with Carolyn who explains it all. Then, you will be warm and relaxed on a healing table with blankets and a Chakra covering.  And the delight and healing begin with lovely sounds.  Carolyn also explains what she will be doing with the various crystal bowls.

For me, I realized I had experienced this type of sound healing a long ago in an Egyptian temple when the Hierophant (healer/priest), also Carolyn, did this ceremony.  Colored lights were coming from the walls, and I was also lying on a ritual table.  The sounds, the colors, the lights were to rejuvenate and prolong my body and bring clarity and wisdom.

I have no idea how long the healing lasted.  I was so relaxed and really not in my body.  The experience is healing, soothing, energizing, and sacred.  After the healing time, Carolyn gave me a box of blessings she had chosen for me (a lot of them!), including the Great Invocation!

Carolyn and I talked a lot about the experience, and I shared with her the Egyptian experience of long ago.  Carolyn offered her observations which were so affirming and elevating as the Heart opens and memories and healing flood back in.

This creation of crystal bowl sounds over the body is very amazing, and totally unique.  You will experience it in your own way.  But the effects will be “just what you need”.  The heart opens, the mind recalls what needs to be remembered, and you are filled with a divine spirit. I loved it.  And I know it is part of the Evolutionary path we are all on.  Clarity, healing, beauty, and universality   flow all around you during the experience. Thank you, Carolyn, for offering this lovely gift.  What a joy to experience it.

With deep gratitude, Barbara