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The Heart of Gateways to Brilliance

I HAVE ALWAYS been a spiritual individual. Early in my adult life I was educated as a Feng Shui consultant, which made sense since I am also an event producer. This knowledge allowed me to cultivate conscious environments for my clients. Over the years, I studied numerous modalities, adding more wisdom to my energy tool kit.

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Simple & Proven Techniques to Awaken Your Abundant Heart

Are you tired of the constant negativity in the world that seems ever present? Are you finding it hard to move forward on your spiritual journey? As a Feng Shui and Sacred Sound healer, I frequently work with clients who are searching for new ways to experience inner peace.

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Creating Sacred Space in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important room in your home. This is the room where you want to feel nurtured, safe and protected. Creating sacred space in this room should be your top priority. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It has three purposes; rest, rejuvenation and romance. Just remember the three R’s.

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Creating Sacred Space – 9 Steps to Conscious Spaces

In the fast pace world of everyday life it is now more important than ever to create our homes with specific and conscious intention that support who we are and what we dream. At the end of the day we all feel the need to close the door, to take a deep breath and to realign ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide

The content for “When Angel Wings and The Dark Mother Collide” all started as I was driving to a sound healing event to activate my etheric Angel Wings with an intimate group of women in sacred ritual.

Naturally, I was imagining what my Angel Wings would look like on my way there. I saw them as large white, fluffy, Angelic wings, with sparkles and so much LIGHT.

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Healing through sacred sound therapy

Written by Carolyn Vinup, Essential Wellness Magazine . (Download Article) Ceremony and traditions enrich our lives and help us make sense of the ups and downs, the confusion and chaos that surrounds us. In today's world we need sanctu­ary, we need energy healers, and...

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Fully Engaged in Life

LIFE IS FULL of infinite possibilities. Fully Engaged in Life means living your life with a heightened level of awareness, and a comfortable, trusting relationship with your personal intuition. Intuition teaches us about boundaries, relationships, what feels safe and fun and where trouble may be looming.

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Creating sacred space – a conscious choice

"Where your attention goes - energy flows" Creating Sacred Space is a conscious choice. It recognizes that everything you think, feel, experience, touch, say and do impacts all aspects of your life. Feng Shui provides a system that helps you to organize your physical...

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