Written by Margie

I’m so grateful for Carolyn’s nurturing guidance through the profound experience of The Blessing, her Sacred Sound Ceremony. Carolyn’s chanting and the crystal bowl sounds transported me to a dimension of incredible peace and harmony, illuminating my being as I became immersed in an amazing transformative light. It was among the deepest levels of connection to the Oneness that I’ve experienced. At one point, an orb of light hovered over the center of my body. As I invited the orb into my being, my energy expanded far outside the parameters of the room. I was embraced in pure love. Since the Ceremony, I’ve been able to access that deeper awareness and peace in meditative moments, lifting my view and enriching my connection to all in my life and the world.

Follow up from Margie

Carolyn, I just want you to know that I continue to feel the energy expanding and light all around me. Thank you for sharing your light.