Written by Audrey

Carolyn, you are part of my self-care team. I have experienced many of your Spiritual Blessing Ceremonies and I was filled with anticipation for your newest ceremony-Activation for Manifesting Divinity, Dreams and Desires. For this ceremony I started lying on my back, then moved to my stomach and then onto my back again.

Just before we started the ceremony, I paused and told you I hadn’t fully expressed my truth during our sacred conversation. At this point Hope, your sweet dog, came out from under the Crystal Bowl table and checked on me to see if I was OK. It was very sweet, and I gave Hope a pat on her head and assured her I was fine. We talked about opening my throat chakra so that my “Truth” would be heard and communicated in a healing yet strong and powerful way. My voice will be heard.

During the first part of the ceremony, I felt like I was running a marathon. I was trying to re-capture my heart and I was exhausted, but I captured it and embraced my heart. I also saw a beautiful turquoise color and as we discussed during the debrief time, you shared that color represents one of the gateways to higher consciousness.

While I was laying on my stomach, I felt like I was holding 2 balls of light in my hands. You walked the crystal bowl with the handle down my spine and that was very cleansing and expansive. I loved it.

Then I laid on my back and felt the need to pull my legs up, like I was giving birth. It was very powerful and symbolic. I was birthing a new me.

I felt empowered, inner strength, calm and lit up.

That evening I went home and had an open honest straight- forward discussion with my husband. I felt calm and strong.

I will be back for another ceremony soon!