Written by Liz
I was honored to receive a beautiful sound healing Blessing from Carolyn, about a month after my mother died from living with ALS.  I was happy in so many ways that my mother was in a place of ease and rest….Though that forever feeling of lose was heavy on my heart.  I wondered how I was going to get my light shining in the ease I have been blessed to experience and share.  I was feeling like a net was over my heart…a squished down feeling if that makes sense.
Coming into Carolyn’s home was a sense of trust, beauty and a place to be held.  I felt the message I received abundant love washed over me and lifted me up to a brighter place to be.  The releasing and blessing I received in Carolyn’s centering space allowed me to be relaxed, and surrender into the moments to receive.  Truly an energy shift of how I was feeling days before, even that morning.
I continue to hold on to the message of abundant love and feel these words carrying me…being a part of my life mantra as I continue on in this new life.  Life does keep moving along…and the pause of this gift, filled my heart and allowed me to be in a more calm, intentional space.
Blessings to you Carolyn…more love…more Abundant Love . xoxox