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Experience Transformational Ceremonies that Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Expand Your Inner Light

The Heart of Gateways to Brilliance

Gateways to Brilliance experiences allow us to move from one state of consciousness to the next. It allows us to make a choice, are we moving toward something, away from something or into something.

Brilliance is about expressing your most light-filled self and sharing that with the world. It’s a courageous act. When we accept our brilliance, we awaken our sacred purpose and divine potential. We become radiators of love, grace, peace, joy and beauty.

For centuries sacred ceremonies and blessings have been used to mark new beginnings and transitions such as weddings, births and deaths. My transformational ceremonies are a modernized version of an age-old practice. I work with light and invite sacred sound to be the vibrational guidance system that transports us through gateways to higher consciousness. We all deserve to feel the richness of a Blessing experience.

The purpose is to cultivate conscious environments, both inner and outer, by integrating the techniques, tools and principles of Sound Healing, Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Blessing Traditions, Mindfulness, Meditation and Light that support personal transformation.

Transformational ceremonies provide an opportunity for individuals to explore the art of receiving. My clients tend to be individuals that are “Givers” and this is a chance to be a “Receiver” of peace, deep relaxation, love, compassion and self-care. I am blessed to have clients travel from all over the country to experience Gateways to Brilliance transformational ceremonies. Some are new to their journey into self-discovery and the expansion of personal awareness, others have been on their journey for some time and are committed to their spiritual growth. Others are advanced in their spiritual quest and seeking a gateway that will help accelerate their connection to source, oneness and divine potential.

After a Spiritual Blessing Ceremony my clients become more radiant and confident, attract joy, happiness and love. They experience profound self-discovery, stress reduction, improved mindfulness, reduction in energy blocks, expanded spiritual enlightenment and blessings.

As a Master of Energy, Light, Feng Shui and Sound Healing, I have spent 20 years creating holy spaces, both inside and out. My transformational ceremonies help you ignite the Light within, awaken your inner and outer consciousness, and connect with your divine potential.