by Kelly Wagner

I had the honor of experiencing a sacred sound session in Carolyn Vinup’s sacred sound chamber in February 2021.

Upon entering, I knew I was in for a delightful journey. Carolyn creates beauty on every level in her space. Every sense is accommodated and welcomed to feel nourished, safe, and relaxed.

She is very clear with the openness of the session and its flow. She collaborates with her sacred space to create an individual journey made specifically for you.

As she invited me to climb onto her magical table, I felt warm and secure, it was like being in a cocoon. She then began to play her bowls and I slipped into a beautiful state of mind and feeling that was in between being awake and dreaming. 

The session felt like it was 5 minutes, yet an hour had gone by. I honestly could have stayed in the sacred sound chamber all day. I felt refreshed and relaxed after my session as we had our “debrief” and found myself longing for my next experience in the sacred space.

Who should experience a session with Carolyn?
Anyone open to energy work and looking for thoughts/feelings/insights within the sacred chamber with Carolyn as your guide.

How is time with Carolyn different than other energy sessions?
I love to play with energy work on many levels, and Carolyn has a special touch that I have not experienced with others. It is hard to put your finger on it, or even describe her magic. She loves what she does, and it is felt in every moment of your experience.

How does this invite a deeper relationship with self-care?
The experience helped me reflect and know that I am worthy of abundance on every level. That I need to find more time to slow down and receive.

I am blessed for my time with Carolyn and our time in the sacred sound chamber.



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