Written by Ali

I love Carolyn and her sacred sound sessions! I was having a hard time finding the boyfriend I was looking for mostly because I had a strong limiting belief that I couldn’t find him; I was starting to think he didn’t exist, not to mentioned I was getting impatient!

I had a couple sessions with Carolyn, and we focused on clearing out energy and focusing on a new intention. She told me I could have any man I wanted, that partly I was too unclear on what I wanted and needed to make some decisions. She taught me the Law of Attraction, writing down all the things I wanted in a partner, and on the other side writing out everything I didn’t want. Then fold it in half and only focus on the good things. I wrote out my list.

I starting going on dates right after my session with Carolyn. Finding nice guys, but not yet finding the one I was looking for. When I finally let go of my limiting belief about men, and truly believed I could find the man I was looking for it only took 2 days before he showed up in my life!! 2 days! Our first date was 1 week later!

He is definitely the man I have always been looking for. I told him the other night, dating you feels like what I always thought dating should be like. It is amazing to read my law of attraction list, it sounds EXACTLY like him. Dating him feels like a dream sometimes, it’s pretty great J. We’ve been together 3 ½ months so far.

I use a lot of energy therapies at my Chiropractic office, so what Carolyn does makes so much sense to me. She is so caring, helpful, truly talented, and a calming presence. She will make you feel so welcome when you arrive at her door, sitting down with a steaming cup of tea and having a quick chat about your upcoming session. She has two adorable dogs to greet you at the door. Then you will have an amazing experience. I always walk out of there feeling lighter, happier, and just with a calm feeling that everything will work out as it should.

Looking forward to scheduling my next session and focusing on my next dream! Thank you Carolyn!