Written by Chandra

I want to share with you the experience I had after “The Blessing”, a sacred sound ceremony. I was given these words: “The Blessing” is a “Mystical wisdom transference from Divine and Holy Sources”. I sent you the image I drew after the session, it was the Hebrew symbol Shin. (This is so fascinating to me since I am not Jewish and have no idea what this is all about so doing the research was fun) The Shin, was placed on your head like a crown. It connects you deeply to yourself, your inner world, who you are. Just one layer of it, of course as there are many!

The Shin is also a representation of a GATEWAY allowing people to pass in and out. It is the HOLINESS of God’s word into physical stone. The Shin also connects to ideas, understanding, application of knowledge, kindness, discipline and compassion. All of which I experienced by being with you. It also is representative of the 4 mothers, the mother archetype is no doubt a powerful part of your work and flows through your psyche. Your gifts…unlock DNA codes sacredly held within the souls who are guided to work with you. Doesn’t matter what kind of work, it is applicable to ALL areas of your service to the world. People experience the ABYSS that is really just them and their limitless potential. This is what you open within others. The ABYSS was represented as a cup, When I saw it there was an endless stream of cosmic energy racing in, not just gently falling but…streaming very swiftly into the cup. And the cup never filled up.

More on SHIN and your work…..
“Something of shin is shattering.  The breaking of the primeval vessels.  The discord and confusion which is the beginning of growing, and then trying to get it all back together again.   Sound the great ram’s horn.  Sound the Shofar (the first letter is shin).  Bring home from exile all those who have been banished.  Gather together all the broken pieces.  Shin is the letter just before the end.  It is the fitting together of all the parts.  The restoration of all the scattered shards.   This is shin:  Shalom.  Completion.  Wholeness.  So at last there is rest.  The seventh day is Shabbat.  The suspension of anxiety.  Shin is the keeper of Shabbat.  A mother lights the Shabbat lights and gathers in the sheaf—the resplendent radiance of shin into her home.  And the presence of the holy one among us is Shechina.  On the doorpost of every Jewish home there is a shin.  This is the shin of Shaddai—God’s most mysterious name.  It is also the shin of Sim Shalom—let God  be present in this home.  “Let there be peace.”

There is something significant about all this….the sound -vibration can shatter/breaks down and then rebuilds. You are calling in Light and Love. You create sacred spaces and you have been doing that for 18 years in your Feng Shui practice….people feel it when they enter your home and feel it when they enter the Sacred Sound Sanctuary. You view this as a HOLY experience. You are a Radiant being of light and you awaken that light inside others. The insights you are share can be simple yet very profound. You are helping people move to new levels in their consciousness….let’s explore the levels of consciousness more and see where this lines up. This is about oneness…..This is powerful work lady.